Monday, December 19, 2011

Finally Have a Place to Email

Hey Family, Today is a miracle. We have a place to Email!

Last week we tried to email at this place the Zone Leaders found for us but that didn't work out well at all.. It was a Volunteer Library and those computers there were dinosaurs. It seriously took 40 minutes to load up. And the internet was very slow as well, to the point that I was there about an hour and had time to read 1 email. So luckily we had Interviews with the mission president and they allowed us to email there for 15 minutes. And I finally had the chance to watch the video that Jenn and Kim made of the Lolly Pop guild. (the little ones) it was really cute. I miss them so much.. :( They have changed so much since I left. And I cannot wait to see them again. And hopefully see them on Skype on Christmas. (I still don't know if i will be able to skype or just call) but I will try to be able to skype.

I have been opening my gifts for christmas. And I enjoy the things you got me. I made the Christmas tree because Elder Gibson and I decided that our apartment needed a tree. I feel like Tyson will be getting home very soon or he already just got home.. I hope that he will email me a little more when he gets back but oh well.. I only got about 6 1/2 months left and I have been thinking of late about my plans for when I return home which I haven't figured out yet.

Christmas time is a hard time for missionary work here.. because everyone is leaving to spend time with their families and all that jazz. But we are teaching a lot of people.. and we have found a bunch of new investigators and are working hard. We had a lesson with a younger guy that is married and our interests are very similar.. we first met him while he was playing the new Call of Duty. And we came and taught the first lesson to him (his wife was with her family for a few days) but I think it went very well and we have another appointment for next Friday when his wife will be there too. We are excited because they are super nice and awesome people. God is definitely helping me because of my Diligence that Elder Gibson is helping me attain.

I read the Pearl of Great Price in 3 days and I wish there was more. I need to finish D&C and I think I will reread the Book of Mormon a fourth time. Things are going good for the most part, just sort of stressful due to not having a car and never knowing whither we will have a place to email or if we will be able to play sports on P-day but I have gotten a lot worse at sports in this area. I am not good at basketball or football now.. and my confidence is failing me. But I am working on it.. I need to start exercising more often and I think that will take care of that.

I am excited for Christmas and that I will be able to talk to you all again! that will be a good day for my soul. I don't think that it will be the same as last year, Better.

I love you all and can't wait to talk to you all on SUNDAY!

<3 Elder Ballif <3

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Investigators and Things picking up in Eugene

Hey Family,

I hope that you have had a good week, and you are all happy and healthy.

Elder Gibson and I are working hard and the Lord is blessing our work because of our Faith and Diligence. We found 5 new investigators this last week and our numbers were the best they have been since I have been in Eugene. I am pretty excited to have Elder Gibson, he is helping me to be 100% obedient and very hard working. We are currently at the mission home having Interviews with President and his wife and because we didn't get a chance yesterday they have allowed us to email really quickly.

My district is doing pretty good, some of them were transferred and I feel like the new members of the brotherhood (the district) will be good for the work.

We are going to try and set a baptismal date this week so we can get more ward trust and more dinners. ;)

This week is going to be a good one we are going to be teaching a bunch of new people and we are pretty good at teaching people together.

I love you guys and am thankful for the gifts that you have given me. And that package that was sent and my christmas presents. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you people.

The church is true.

I love you,

Elder Ballif

P.s. - For christmas I will call/ skype you guys at around 6:30pm (my time)

Monday, December 5, 2011

New Companion - Elder Gibson

Hey Family, I hope that you guys are doing well and having a good start to your holiday season.
That windstorm sounds crazy. I could have been like Marry Poppins out there. I hope that all of you guys are alright and safe.

This week I got my companion Elder Gibson.. I like him for the most part and I'm glad he is a hard worker.  

I got the packages, the cleats and the assortment of treats. That is terrible that you didn't get to make it to church. But service is the reason we go to church in the first place so that is understandable. Thank you all for that awesome picture that you guys took for me.. I am certainly "feelin" the love. And also Jenn that made my day those pictures and the things that your son said.. It makes me wanna "catch some gatas" with him and his brother. I am excited for Christmas so I can chit chat with you guys..   I love you guys and I am in Ether chapter 2 now and I really enjoy Mormon chapter 8 & 9... good stuff.

Have a good week I love you guys.

(: Elder Ballif :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Doing Well and Getting a New Companion from Kaysville

Hey Family, I am sorry that I haven't emailed you in 2 weeks. I just didn't have a place to do it. But I talked to the AP's and the Zone Leaders and they are helping us out with finding a more permanent solution. So no I am not mad at any of you or anything like that. I just have been stranded without a computer and Internet.

I miss you guys so very much.. the holidays are definitely are harder time for me because this is the time that was most enjoyable to me back home... not that it wasn't enjoyable when it wasn't the holidays.

Well, my companion is going home in a few days and I will be getting Elder Gibson. He went to high school with me and was on my rugby team. I am pretty excited to be with him, since I have been pretty frustrated this transfer. And I feel like I can have some new beginnings and maybe I won't grow so many grey hairs this time around. I am excited for this package I am hearing about. It sounds very wondrous and magical. I am no longer a "Co" district leader and I am just thee district leader now. Which I am thankful for because when I was partners it was hard to know what to teach and correlate what to do in district meetings and also sending in numbers and going to correlation with the Zone Leaders and all that fancy jazz. So it will not be as complicated for me and I like that. But I will also have to do a lot more stuff.. which will be interesting. I am excited for the challenge though.

I want to thank you for the support you all have given me and that I love you very much and I care about you all more then my love for Jessica Biel. Which is hard to beat. Even though I heard she got back with JT again...... :(

I love you guys, you will hear a lot from me next week.

Elder Ballif

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Riding Bikes in the Rain

Hey family, I hope things are going well for you this week.
My week has been so so, but that is ok. I just don't really like being in Eugene... It is pretty frustrating, I never know if I will get to email on pday.. no one wants to play sports and we have the biggest zone in the mission.. we ride our bikes all day in the rain and not much comes from it.. just some stress that I have to deal with.
But it is ok, because I am keeping the commandments and I feel the spirit regularly. Which makes everything a little bit better. I am currently reading "The Miracle of Forgiveness" which is pretty brutal. I thought I was doing pretty good until I started reading it. So make sure you are not depressed when you read it because if you are depressed... it won't make you feel good. I am also on chapter 26 in 3rd Nephi. I really enjoy 3rd Nephi, it certainly makes the tears come if your a sissy like me. 
We are working with a few investigators right now, not really much to talk about yet though unfortunately. I think this area is my least favorite so far... (mainly because I have to ride my bike everyday in the rainy cold) ... not a fan. 
I was wondering if you guys could send me my rugby cleats (the white/black/gold ones) 
we are playing football quite a bit right now and I would like to have cleats so I can further dominate the competition. :) I just wish that we played tackle... And I wish I had a gym pass. But I guess I will just have to work really hard when I get back to Utah so I can play a lot of football and basketball at the top of my game. :)
Well, I love you guys and I miss you and I can't wait to see you in 241 days from now.. I think... something like that. 
God be with you till we meet again.
Elder Ballif

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Getting Better

Hey family, sorry that I am late writing to you guys. This area is very hard to get to a place to email. I apologize.

But my time here has been getting better and I am working through it. I have started reading a lot lately. I read the entire book "History of Joseph Smith" by Lucy Mack Smith, that was a good book. I really liked her account of Joseph being his mother and she knew him better then pretty much anyone else... give or take a few.

I really liked the pictures of the munchkins. They looked really funny. I quite enjoyed Cameron and Carsen's costumes with the ever so popular look for Cameron (just a different color and with wings) and Carsens very unique "Thomas". Very enjoyable!

My Halloween was pretty boring, we had to come into our apartment at 7pm.. which was not something I would have chosen. But at least it gave me a chance to finish the book. I am currently in the Book of Mormon chapter 14 of 3rd Nephi which I am highlighting pretty much everything. So I am doing pretty well.

Thank you for putting some money into my account Father. I actually need a little bit more then that though... if you could put like another 50.00 that would be wonderful. I need some money to get some things I need like a few sweaters among other needs I need.

I love you guys so much and I cannot wait till I get home and see you lovely people.

-Elder Ballif-

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First Week as District Leader

Hey family,

I hope you guys are doing good. My first week as District Leader was a little stressful, lets just say I hope things improve quickly. I don't really know what God wants me to learn this transfer with the situation I have been put in... but I guess I will just deal with it.

I hope that you had a great birthday my momma... I sent something but it might not be there until either today or tomorrow, so a little late.. But better late then never has been a motto of mine for a while.

I love you very much and long for July 2012.. especially right now. Well, I don't really have anything else to say this week. I have been reading D&C, I am in the 66th Section I believe. But I might pause that and read the Pearl.

I love you guys,

Elder Ballif

Monday, October 17, 2011

New Companion and New Calling

Hey my wonderful loving family,

It sounds like you guys are doing well and having a good time. Thank you for your insights and thoughts, I love and do take into account what you all have to say. I have been working on being more teachable. I feel like I know that I am not perfect but then again sometimes I feel like I know best.. frankly, I need to break that ego of mine.

So about transfers, Elder Acuna is getting transferred to Bend. And I am getting a companion that is about to go home next month named Elder Redfern.

Also I have been called as a District Leader for the Santa Clara district in Eugene Oregon. I'm a little worried about some things but I have faith that God will help me as I trust him and do my best. He hasn't failed to disappoint yet.. ;)

The work here is going alright, we just got some referrals and we are working with a few investigators and less actives but nothing too dandy to report. My ward is cool too, my Ward Mission Leader is awesome. I like the members, and the area isn't so bad.

Just so you know, I am NOT getting a flu shot. That has not changed nor ever will change. If they got the nose spray I can consider it.

Well I love you guys and I pray for you all, night and day!

Happy Birthday to you all that have just had one, (Kim, and Ellie) and also Momma, You have a great birthday as well on the 22nd! I love you very much and I miss you like Jacob misses Bella................ what?????????!?

have a good week

(yes I just referenced Twilight...)


Elder Ballif

Thursday, October 13, 2011

P-Day Switched this Week

Hey family,

Sorry that this email is a bit late... Our p day was switched around due to Elder Koelliker of the 70 coming to our mission for a visit. Which was a good experience, you can just tell from meeting him that he is a man of God.

Well elder Acuna and I are doing well, that is cool that Josh just left. I love you guys and I will write more next week due to transfers!!! We don't know what will happen..

Love, Elder Ballif

Monday, October 3, 2011

He is Alive!

Hey family,

I hope you guys are doing well! Sorry for the inconsistency of my emailing.. our computer access was very faulty, but we have figured it out so it should not be an issue

I am glad you guys had fun at Fish lake, that sounded like a blast! unfortunately I don't think I grew up like fishing too much so trying to get me to go with you guys
will be quite a treat. You guys could bribe me... just a thought. ;)

Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed conference! I know I enjoyed all 10 hours of it. I really enjoyed the Saturday afternoon session. I really liked Elder Uchtdorf's talk.
(about potential)

I got to see the end of the BYU v Utah State game which was quite a journey.. I feel like from what I saw that Jake Heaps is still too young, And that Ryley is a better leader for them this year.. but I'm sure they will be playing Jake Heaps as the starter and he will do marginal like he has been I have heard--so whatever.

We are doing well, we are not hurt or anything. We are getting along famously actually, He is a very nice man child. The only thing that is really frustrating me at the moment is that I can't seem to set up Basketball any of the weeks I have been here except the first and we have the biggest zone in the mission, it makes me want to go climb Mount Hood and cry and punch dance my rage on the top of those rigorously treacherous slopes. Or get a an Ice cream cone.. both would work.

I usually get to go play some ball and it gets my mind off of the other things.. but not here. It hurts my soul. Basketball is what balances out my Ying and Yang! and my zen. Sorry I just got done reading the Art of War. Perfect reading for a missionary! ;)

Anyways I love yall and I pray that God is watching over you all.

Elder Ballif!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

1st Week in Eugene

Hello, Family..

I hope you guys are doing well, This week was good.. Eugene is pretty nice. I like the area better then Albany so far.. And my companion is really nice. We will get along famously. He is not an islander.. he is Hispanic. You pronounce his name Acunya but it is spelled Acuna with a ~ over the N.

I am looking forward to the upcoming weeks. We have some good things going on and they just baptized a family the night before I got here so the ward is pretty excited. The only bummer with this area is, we don't have the car on p-day.. and like no one around us does. So that sucks, its hard to organize some bball like this--but we still manage to get the job done.

I really like our ward mission leader, he is a younger guy named Brother Baird.. and we like a lot of the same things, so we are pretty much best friends.. he just doesn't know it yet. ;)

Unfortunately I haven't been reading as much of the Book of Mormon as I was... I was really on a tear there for a while. but I am on chapter 59 or so... so almost done with the wars and contentions of the days of Captain Moroni... he is a stud. What a Strategist. Reminds me of myself..... just kidding.

Anyways, Eugene is really green. A lot of hippies. And a lot of LOVE--almost as much love as I have for yall.

Have a good week, I love you guys

Elder Ballif

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Getting Transferred to Eugene

Hey Family, 

I hope everything is going well back in good old Kaysville. Its going pretty well here in Albany but I am more concerned about my new area that I am going to TOMORROW!! I am going to Eugene.

My address is going to be:
1800 River Rd Apt. 2-B
Eugene, OR 97404

I will be serving in the Santa Clara 2nd Ward which is a pretty tiny area from what I hear and my companion is the District Leader and his name is Elder Acuna (a-coon-yuh). President Young told me that it is going to be a very important transfer for me and him because he wants to make me a leader (this is what he told me). Its pretty exciting. Its going to be a pretty crazy transfer! I am up for it though.

Well, the work in Albany is going a little slowly now... Lacy is on a lengthy vacation in Salem. And we haven't seen her in 2 weeks but thats alright I feel that she will be back tonight hopefully. 

I will make sure to get pictures with all my favorite families. I got a picture with a little boy that reminds me a lot of Carsen. So I had to get a picture with him! 

God has definitely blessed me in this work and helped me grow when I needed to and I feel like the more effort I put in the more he blesses me. And that is why I am excited to get a new area and go to work. 

Well family, I don't really have much to tell you, I love you and I bought some huge duffle bags instead of suitcases.. WAY CHEAPER. I love you all and I hope you have a magnifico week! 

Elder Ballif

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Faith and Things

Hey Family,

I hope you guys are doing well, that is pretty crazy that Brock is home.. That feels like not that long ago.. but then again it doesn't really feel like I have been out for a year already. I feel like you guys should put a count down on the blog to when I come home.. which will be around July 5th or so of 2012. So that is pretty exciting, I hope people will actually be at my Homecoming. But I tend not to think about stuff like this right now... Just sometimes. I feel like I have accepted the fact that me thinking about home and the things I want to do when I return will not help anything right now and just make it worse. I just hope and pray that you guys are alright and I hope that I can be better than I was when I get back.. Because you truly "don't know what you got till it's gone" And I feel like I owe a lot of love to you guys for helping me grow up and helping me get out here so I can mature.

Everything is going alright, I feel as though I will be transferred this upcoming week so you guys will know next Monday If that comes to fruition. I am currently on alma 46 right now right after Alma the Younger (my favorite Prophet) gets taken up into Heaven. I really enjoy his teachings and all that he did for the people of the Church. I really like Ammon too he was a man of great faith and confidence in God that he did great things by Faith. Faith is definitely a key factor in anything in life.. It motivates us to do things.. Like I wouldn't read the scriptures if I didn't have faith that I would learn more and become more spiritual. I wouldn't pray if I didn't have Faith that God would help me with the current problems or good things going in life. I wouldn't work a job if I didn't have faith that I would get payed some $$$. etc.. etc.. 

Faith is a very big thing that we all need to have. And that is why the first principle of the Gospel of Christ is Faith on him. That will lead you to experiment on his words and try to be like him and follow his example. Which in turn makes you happier and makes the world a little bit better. If everyone was truly seeking the kingdom of God then the world would be a lot better than it is. But Satan has a great grasp on many people. As he is reigning on the Earth. But luckily that reign of the evil one will soon end. And the Savior will come and redeem his people, I feel sooner then we realize. I am not going to put a number on it because NO ONE knows except the Father, (take that Judgment Day on October 21st 2011- LAME) But we just need to make sure we are trying to be like the savior and constantly praying for forgiveness and help because we sure as heck need it. This world has become a terrible place, and the true saints of God are few in number. But that is where I come in! we have two people that have baptismal dates, Lacy and Peter. And we are also going to be setting a third possibly today. We are working with 3 main people right now that are non members, they are great people and they want to know how to go by God. And I am grateful to God for helping me find them. And helping me teach them. I have been very blessed as I have been out here to learn and develop quickly. As long as I have cast aside my stubbornness... :(

But family I hope you are doing well, I love you guys with all my heart. And I cannot wait for the day I can see you all again.

Elder Ballif

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pray for Lacy

Hey Fam,

I hope you guys are doing well and enjoying life. Life is definitely an interesting thing to me.. it feels like everything is good at one point, then comes a trial. And that tests your faith and obedience and in turn if you suffer it well your faith grows and your happiness grows. And when that trial goes and everything is good again, we start to forget God and grow prideful, This has happened to me many times in my life. And then God has to send another trial in your path to humble you again, and so on and so forth. Its a continual cycle, the reason I share this is because I read Alma chapter 5 yesterday. And that really kind of makes you feel unworthy.. even when you are content in life and you feel like you are not doing anything wrong. I feel like if your not trying to improve something to grow closer to God and if your thinking that your relationship is good enough, THEN IT ISN'T. We need to make sure we have God before anything else. Now, this is a hard task. And we have so many things going on in our lives that we constantly forget. I hate it. Because even for me serving God at this time. I forget that I am his servant at all times.. But the most beautiful part about us being imperfect is Gods Grace. In the church we don't really mention God's Grace too much. But we need to realize that we are not perfect and nor can we be perfect until the resurrection. As long as we are constantly repenting and striving to be better.

Sorry, you just got another Tangent of mine.. But things are going pretty well here. I cannot say that I am really happy being in this area for this long. I need a change but I am still trying to keep my composure. We set up a Baptismal date with Lacy, she is awesome and she is trying to quit smoking right now. We set a date with her for the 10th of September so if she gets baptized then I will not get to be the one to do it so I am trying to get her ready so she can get baptized on the 3rd because she wants to get baptized in the river and that would be sweet for me to do that. Especially because I have been working with her for a long time even like 6 months and I do truly care about her. Which I feel is rare for me. I have a hard time caring about people.... but I am praying for that to change a little. I am on Alma 6 in the book of mormon, I have been re-reading it.. I also wish I had more time to study because I love learning and growing now. I can't wait to get home so I can go to college. It is a weird thing that I used to hate school with a passion and now I am looking forward to it.. I am still unsure of what I would like to do with my life, but I have been thinking that I want to go into psychology or Business, or if I was to go to BYU there is a double masters program for the two. So I might want to try that... I dunno... But I am excited to get home to see you all... So I can catch some "gatas" with Cam and Carsen that video was pretty funny but you got to sneak video them catching them. I need the realism. But very cute non the less.

I love you guys and I hope you have a fantastic week. Pray for me and pray for Lacy and her baptism if you could. I need help. And I will do the same for yall.

Just to add to my email, Our mission had the privilege to have Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles come and speak with us on Saturday morning and that was pretty cool we learned some cool things and I got to shake his hand.. so yeah it was pretty cool. Have a good week!


Elder Ballif

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When Ryan should Go

Hey Familohla,

It is good to hear from you guys ;) ... and by you guys I mean 2 of you.....

Whatever, I see how it is. I hope you guys are having a good week, my week was alright. Not much has changed.. except that we are going to be baptizing a 8 year old kid named Colby soon, it might be right after I get transferred.. Which is most likely going to occur on September 6th or 7th. I am not 100% sure on that but I have a feeling I need to go somewhere else.. because I have been here for a long time.

But for the most part things are going good for me.. I cannot say that doing this work is very easy for me, but I am very thankful that I came out here so I could grow. Because without coming out here I really would have been a foolish 21 year old next year instead of what I am now.. which is 10x better... and then some?

  Concerning Ryan's Mission or lack their of... I think he should think about it and decide what he should do.. its his life. But on the other hand, I would definitely like to see him for a little while. And help him better prepare... I would not be mad if Ryan even decided he did not want to go on a mission at all.. But that would be a very bad mistake if he chose not to. Ryan, from the feelings that I have gathered is acting a lot like I was before I came out here. And the only reason I am different and BETTER now is because I came out here and I stayed. Its not always fun or easy to be here and sometimes I wish I was home. But I am still growing and learning every single day I am out here and that growth would not have come without being here at all. So with that said, I would enjoy spending some time with Ry guy when I get back.. but it is his choice whither he goes before I get back or if he waits till I come home.

I love you guys a lot, I cannot wait to see you guys and hold you each very dearly. Especially MOM. She needs the lovin.

I don't know if I need anything.. I am doing well enough off.  I love you guys and I hope you have a magnificent week!

~Elder Ballif~

Monday, August 8, 2011

My Nieces and Nephews

Hey Fam,

Todays email isn't going to be super long.. but i hope you guys have had a good week, I enjoyed the pictures of my favorite little munchkins and little baby Brynlee I love all of the kids in our family, they are very cute and I just want to hug them and kiss them for a few days straight when i get home.. so i might have to kidnap them to do that.. but i will feed them and take care of them so don't worry about it.

Anyways, we are teaching a few families right now.. i don't really know how close they are to desiring to be baptized but we are working on it. There is a 30 year old named Lacy that we are teaching and she has come to church twice in a row and she is really cool and i think we are starting to progress with her, we had a special lesson with her and talked to her about how short this life is and how long eternity is and kind of the difference between the worldly people and the saints.. in terms of happiness (in heaven). and it was good because we had the lesson outside and the sun was setting and we told her that the sun is what we are aiming for. It was a good time.

Concerning my studies in the scriptures, i finished the NT, and started the D&C. I really enjoy the D&C... It just adds to me the proof that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God because when he was getting those revelations he was reciting them without pause and that would be impossible if not inspired. I am excited to read that then read the Pearl, then the old testament.. while i am reading other gospel books as well. I like reading now.. I am getting pretty good at reading and remembering what I read. And understanding it. The Holy Ghost is a wonderful help to me. I am learning quickly, This is a fun thing for me because I hated school and reading and having to put effort in to things to be able to come out with anything.. I have not been use to that my entire life.. so its a new and exciting experience for me.

Anyways i have to go,

But i love you all and pray and hope for many blessings in your lives.

hope all is well,

Elder Ballif

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Faith and Works and a new companion

Hey Family,

I hope you guys are doing well. I am doing pretty well, just living in the grind. Well, my week last week was a little slow... but that is to be expected with a new companion when you are getting used to him and vice versa. We are doing pretty good though.. we are teaching people and some are at least coming to church now! so that is good. I am almost done with the New Testament, I am just starting the book of James. I really like all of the epistles of Paul and the doctrine taught in them. And through out it says to abide in "good works" that are brought about by faith. So it also frustrates me because everyone believes all they need to do is be baptized and then believe in Christ and all is well. just like it states in 2nd Nephi chapter 28... which is like my favorite chapter...

 "3 For it shall come to pass in that day that the achurches which are built up, and not unto the Lord, when the one shall say unto the other: Behold, I, I am the Lord’s; and the others shall say: I, I am the Lord’s; and thus shall every one say that hath built up bchurches, and not unto the Lord—
 And they shall contend one with another; and their priests shall contend one with another, and they shall teach with their alearning, and deny the bHoly Ghost, which giveth utterance.
 5 And they adeny the bpower of God, the Holy One of Israel; and they say unto the people: Hearken unto us, and hear ye our precept; for behold there is cnoGod today, for the Lord and the Redeemer hath done his work, and he hath given his power unto men;
 6 Behold, hearken ye unto my precept; if they shall say there is a miracle wrought by the hand of the Lord, believe it not; for this day he is not a God of amiracles; he hath done his work.
 7 Yea, and there shall be many which shall say: aEat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die; and it shall be well with us.
 8 And there shall also be many which shall say: aEat, drink, and be bmerry; nevertheless, fear God—he will cjustify in committing a little dsin; yea, elie a little, take the advantage of one because of his words, dig a fpit for thy neighbor; there is gno harm in this; and do all these things, for tomorrow we die; and if it so be that we are guilty, God will beat us with a few stripes, and at last we shall be saved in the kingdom of God.
 9 Yea, and there shall be many which shall teach after this manner, afalse and vain and bfoolish cdoctrines, and shall be puffed up in their hearts, and shall seek deep to hide their counsels from the Lord; and their works shall be in the dark."

  I couldn't have said it any better. The ways of the Lord have been perverted indeed, and I am so very blessed to have been born into a great home with a loving wonderful family that understands the truth and lives by the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I just wish that their was an easy way to get people to see these things. I love you guys and I hope and pray for your safety and well being. You all hold a very dear and special place in my heart. You guys inspire me to want to be better, I do desire to be an example for you guys, I wish for your eternal exaltation. (as I do for mine) But I feel as though we must strive to live as the Savior did. And this life is the time to choose whither we want to serve God, or serve the world. For one is full of patience and sacrifice now, but great is the Glory. And one might be fun and entertaining for a short while. But it has no reward in the much longer existence. I think I have chosen wisely. I hope and pray all of us can do the same.

I love you all more then I have been able to express, and in a short time I hope I can show a difference in what living as a disciple has done in my life and how I am a lot better prepared for my future but until then you'll just have to have faith and hope until that day shall come.


Elder AJ Ballif

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hand Shakes before Hugs

Hey Family!

I hope you had a great week, Mine was very very slow.. Elder Hatton, (my baby) fell off his bike and landed on the curb. He broke his wrist and got some pretty gnarly road rash on his face so our mission president and his wife told us to take it easy this week. So we didn't do very much. I just sat in my apartment while he slept and healed. I got a lot of the bible read during that time. I am in 1 Corinthians chapter 4 now. I don't really understand how people can be so backwards on their beliefs and just rely on their pastor or priest and don't know anything themselves. And on top of that their priests and pastors tell them not to listen to us because we are of the devil. Very weird coming from a book that says not to judge and keep your body pure, and be spiritual.  "O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you, and suffer you?" luke 9:41.

Anyways, if you are going to send me a package, i would like to request my black sunglasses that are the same as my prescription ones.. i need those! its really hot here but i am sure it is worse there. I just hate wearing business clothes in the hot summer heat!

 Elder Hatton is getting transferred to Medford to become a Spanish elder, and i am getting a new guy named Elder Young. He came out in December when i was in Salem. So i know who he is.... He always tried to hug me.... but i don't believe in fake affection. If you don't know someone... hugging is not the way to go for me. I shake hands and meet them. I hold hugs up there right before kisses.. and i sure as heck ain't kissing any of these children. so same goes for hugs.

Sorry that last part was me going off on a tangent my bad. I think that is funny Cameron is starting to talk like a hill billy, he would fit in great here!  :) hehe

Well, i am sure i will have a lot more to tell you next week since i will actually will be doing some decent work.

but until then! i love you all very much,

-Elder Ballif-

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Set a Baptismal Date

Hey my family,

I enjoyed your emails and i am really glad to hear that no one is talking bad about me. I had to pay a lot of money in order for that to happen. ;) I like that you guys got to witness some Mcdonaldness. I know that one of the reasons i was sent to this mission in particular was because God needed me to be influenced by them, they are awesome people and i have come to love them for sure!

That is cool that you saw Elder Bruton, he was a very good missionary, he definitely magnified his calling in all things. And he was with me not long ago at all.... I just hope he didn't tell you how much weight i have gained.. lets just say i need to go running when i get home for a while. I am only 215 but i definitely would like to be more toned. I need to get a wife!

Anyways, thank you for getting those letters to those that i wrote to. And it is fine that you read them.. I actually thought you would. But anyways, my baby and I are doing pretty good. I started Meditating this last week, which really helps me focus and concentrate and even it calms me when i get angry. So i don't care what people think of that.. of course i had to shave my head bald and i wear a robe now, but its worth it :) 

Well, not much has changed.. we are still trying to help some people quit smoking and we actually set a baptismal date with a guy named Ed. So that is exciting.

Well i will probably email you guys a bigger email next week. But you have a fantastic time without me!

love, Elder Ballif

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Met with New Mission President

Hey Family, Sorry I am a day late.... we had a very busy day yesterday with Interviews with our new mission president. That went well by the way.. President Young told me that i was doing a good job training Elder Hatton, and that he would want me to train again. I am NOT too excited about that. I personally would much rather prefer to become leadership, but i just don't want to openly tell them that... I told Sister Young that we were doing a good job but i would rather not train, then i went and saw President Young, and he told me that i would be probably training again. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This makes me not very happy. :) Oh well, hopefully God will let me train and be district leader next time. Anyways...

I hope you guys are doing wonderful and having fun without me, i just wish i could hear from everyone a little more often. I feel like I only hear from 3 of you and including my brothers in law we have 8, if these were home teaching results this would not do. I would love it if i heard from everyone. and i would even consider writing letters to specific people during the week.

We just committed a less active member to quit smoking last night, and her son who has been chewing tobacco since he was 16 (he is 27) told her that he would quit if she would quit! And now we will be going over and helping her every day for the next week to help her (inspire her) to stop.

President and Sister Young are pretty cool. They are pretty funny and they have good ideas to help move the work of the mission further. President Mcdonald was a lot more of Spirit of the law, and the Young's are a lot more Letter of the law. (whatever the white handbook says)... They are tightening up the ship a bit. I prefer the way President Mcdonald was, in the way he runs things but i guess i will have to learn to go with the latter way as well.

I hope that you guys are reading your scriptures every day. And praying every morning and night. If you are not... Its gonna be that much harder for you to feel the spirit every day. Which can help you make decisions every day that can help you be happier. I have now started to try and stop everything in my life that would stop me from feeling the spirit as strongly as i can every day. I love it, it feels super good to have that burning feeling.

I am getting used to putting my contacts in now, its still a little hard because my eyes are teeny tiny.. thanks for those genetics mom. But instead of 15 minutes it used to take me to put them in, it only takes me about 3 minutes.. So theirs progress! I am currently reading the New Testament and Book of Mormon at the same time.. In the NT i am almost done with St. Luke, and with the BOM i am on Mosiah Chapter 2 one of my favorite parts!! I really like the book of Enos. But 2 Nephi 26-33 are still my favorite so far.

Well... i love you guys and i pray for your success and safety. Now just go out there and be somebody!

           Elder "Alma" Ballif

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th

My loving family,

I hope and pray that you guys are having a good time without me, i know it must be pretty hard considering how wonderful I am.. But lucky for you guys you only have to wait another 367 days for me to return. ; )

Thats awesome that you guys could have another awesome get together! i remember how much i loved those. i probably miss those the most. ;)

Me and my baby have had a good week yesterday we played some good hard nosed basketball and then we went and had a long dinner and little party with one of the member families in our ward. They are pretty awesome.

We have been trying to get these newbs to quit smoking and change their lives but its funny how much people here don't have a sense of responsibility or work ethic. I am gonna have to whip them into the real world!  :) anyways i hope the fireworks were wondrous.

And i hope you have a wonderful week!!!

love, Elder Ballif

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Work is Picking Up

Hey Family,

i trust you guys are doing well. i hope that seaworld was a blast!!

i do wish i could be there with you all but i trust the Lord has important things for me to do here as well.. and i will show you by example as Christ did when i return into your arms.

Elder Hatton and I had a good week, We taught 16 lessons this last week and we are going to be helping some people quit smoking this week so they can get baptized!

I was also asked to teach in combined district meeting this Friday about how to teach members how to do missionary work. And ways to get Referrals by inspiration. I trust that the Lord will help me to prepare a very solid way to teach that.

 I have taught before but i believe that our new mission president will be there so it will be a good opportunity to show off my skills, and my rapid progression. And show that anything is possible with FAITH in God and that he can help you.

Me and my baby are getting a long pretty well. He is a lot like me.. But he dates models... which is not like me.  :)

I hope and pray for your safety and your ability to do what is right and to Read and Pray every day! The most important things in the world.

I am glad that the nephews are remembering their favorite uncle.. no offense to others.. but i am there favorite uncle. Its a fact. We can fight over it later. when i don't have to fully represent the Savior.

My favorite chapters in the book of mormon right now are the last chapters of 2nd nephi, Chapters 26 to 33. Nephi is the bomb--he lays it down on all the other people that are not of God. It clearly states what is NOT of God.

I love you guys, and i cannot wait for the day that i can see you all again so i can help you guys in any way that i can.

I am very grateful of your love and support,

love, Elder Ballif, Aka Alma the Younger.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Initial week of Training Going Well

Hey Fam, i don't got much time this week,

but just an update.. Training is going good. I am enjoying it.. its a little weird that i have to do everything.. but its not the first time i have felt this. I give my new companion more breaks than i usually would take but i am going easy on him for the first week--this week is going to suck for him. Plus my allergies were owning me this last week--that is also why we took more breaks.

We have some good stuff going on so i am pretty excited for him.

If you guys could i would like you guys to send me a book called "The Day of Defense" from Melvin Mcdonald.. that would be spectacular.. its so weird how much i like reading now.. i love it! People are making the mistake of calling me a pretty intellectual person. Please send that for me, and the contacts aren't my prescription but they work alright so i guess its all good.

i love you guys,

Elder Ballif

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Trainer in the Making!

Hey, Family!

I trust that your weekend was all that you could ever hope for? not really... thats ok.

Mine was alright... i really like today so far. I went and played soccer with the peeps in corvallis at the practice fields.. then we drove back and i have been shooting hoops until now. In the short time i have been really obedient in my mission my knowledge has grown immensely. Its quite Invigorating, to see how fast i have changed and had a change of heart. I feel like a monk. But way cooler... because i can have hair.

I found out my baby's name is Elder Hatton and he is from American Fork. I hope he can ball.. because if he can't we are gonna have some problems.... i am just kidding. i will still love him no matter his passions. I was told that i was being considered for district leader but they decided to see how well i did with leading a new missionary before i lead others.. but i know that the lord has good things in store for me. And i trust him no matter what decisions are made.

Some pictures from our Zone Conference:

I loved the pictures and the email sent to me from Jennifer, thank you for being a great mommy and showing your baby pictures of me. She needs to know who her favorite person is going to be!! ;)

So i have been thinking... i don't really want to be picked up. I would much rather fly home. And if you guys wanna come back here we can come back for a little vacation.. but yeah, that is my thought.

And just so you know my Mission President's homecoming will be coming up i believe late June if you would want me to get some info for that.. also, My good friend Elder Matthews is going home this week and he said he is going to stop by and meet you guys. he lives in Provo... but he said it would most likely be before the 21st..? but yeah watch out for him. he is pretty awesome. He has taught me alot while i have been here and definitely one of my fav comps. He also taught me how to study and how to learn the scriptures and he is a wise bird.

I also have a few things i would love from you guys... 1st. I need some contacts for sports and when i am not feeling the glasses. 2nd. I would like "the Great Apostasy" from Talmage. That is what i would like to read after i am done with the JS book. so if you guys could fufill my wishes that would be wonderous.

Family, not much has changed here, i am building up my spirit so i can own people with it. (in a good way) I feel the spirit all the time now, And I can tell what is right and wrong. I love it.. God is such a good spiritual Daddy.. i love him very much and i love you guys very much as well.

I am trying to be a good person and through that a good missionary..

i love you,

Elder Ballif

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hoorahhhh for Israel!

Hoorahhhh for Israel!!! (punch in the air)

Hey People, i hope you had a fantastic week..

my week went by really fast but we didn't do as much as we thought we did. We had like 7 lessons fall through! It was very frustrating... Satan is owning our investigators because they are not praying for protection.. or maybe they just aren't praying at all. But we are working on it.

I am feeling the spirit a lot more now and i love it. One thing that does suck is i took the Christlike attributes quiz and my patience needs some repairs. I am not very patient at times with other people.. and myself with wanting to change. I just don't like that i have the strong desires and i have to hold off on them.

I am going to be having my baby in like 8 days from now! Its crazy, i hope he likes sports.. because i play ball very ferociously :)  I am getting a lot better at Basketball and enjoy expanding my Gospel Knowledge.. those are like my favorite things.. besides movies. But oh well.. some movies are a waste of time. I never thought i would think that..

there isn't anything new to tell you guys, i am feeling a little better in terms of frustration and my heart is becoming more and more soft. ITs the bomb!!!!

i love you guys dearly,

Your Son, Brother, Uncle, and Lurp.

~Elder Ballif~

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Work Goes On

Hey Fam,

Our week went pretty good, we found 3 possible new investigators and we taught our normal investigators and a few of them came to church!!!!!! i was very happy. But as i have been gaining a powerful testimony of truth. I must admit i feel as though i suffer when others are ignorant and not willing to learn at all. It just makes me very frustrated with Satan and his influence. He has all of these people fooled and not even willing to feel the true spirit of God. He fools them into thinking that they are right and everyone else is wrong...when we have the real authority from God--very frustrating sometimes. But i know that i am clear in my message and they are just getting PWNED by Satan (for those who may not understand this urban slang term--it means:to conquer or to gain ownerniship over someone else), but when people are willing to listen it goes very well. I just need to pray and ask for patience with these people.

I have felt the spirit in my work and i am happy i am am being blessed with the Lord's spirit. Heavenly Father definitely leads my comp and I to people.. and he uses wasting time by talking to weenys to lead us to sincere peeps.

Make sure you guys are reading every night and praying as a fam and individually! or i will make you guys suffer when i get home. Ryan needs to be prepared more then i was. I got owned for a long time... but Ry Ry has a chance to Pwn Satan.. he should take that opportunity. he needs to do it for me... i dislike Satan and his followers... and whoever can own him--the happier i am.

i love you guys and hope you have a wonderful time in the promised land.

your son!
 -Elder Austin Jeffery Ballif-

Monday, May 23, 2011

Preparing to be a Trainer

Hey family,

Hope you guys had a fantastic week.. My week was alright..... We are doing really well as a companionship work wise and we have a lot of people we are working with but most of them smoke and they are too scared or busy to come to church. I read an excerpt out of the "Teachings of the Prophets: Joseph Smith" with a less active member that we are trying to reactivate. I felt the spirit very strongly when i read that to her.. probably more then i have ever in a lesson so far.. I really love Joseph Smith. I am really jealous of all the stuff that happened to him and how much strength he drew from the Grace of God. He was almost Illiterate and then all the sudden he was one of the smartest men that has lived on the earth. But i think that i will learn all that i will need to know for my time on the Earth.

I am really getting frustrated because all i want to do now is study like crazy and learn as much as God will allow me. My follow up trainer Elder Matthews is teaching me a lot, he knows more then he should for how old he is. The only thing he was missing in his life was sincere prayer and that is what i am good at. So we have taught each other a thing or two :)

We went and took pictures at Oregon State stadium today on the field.. and we saw Jaquizz Rodgers there doing his workouts in prep for the Falcons. He's got quite a bit of meat on those bones. Too bad he is like 5'7.. But the sister missionaries with us went red because he took his shirt off. it was pretty funny.

Anyways not much has changed.. i am doing really well.. i need to lose a little bit of weight.. and my goal is to be able to slam a basketball pretty good by the time my mission is over. And to be able to memorize where all the important verses are in the scriptures. I am excited to see the progression!

Well.. i love you guys and i hope you have an excellent week. I will try to have the same. I just need to stick this last 3 weeks out with this work horse then i get to have a baby!

love ya,

Elder Ballif

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Growing Testimony

Hey Family, i hope and pray that you all had a good week.

I like that Ryan is doing some missionary work of his own.

I have seen a pretty huge testimony builder for me this morning actually. but as for the specifics you will have to wait until i return home. lets just say i now know and have a testimony of the reality of spirits, and they are in fact real. But i know that God is really there and he can only bless us with what we ask of him and having faith that we will receive it. I know that there are many scriptures that point that out but i never realized the reality of that fact. I have been focusing on being very specific in my prayers and asking for things. I have already been blessed with more light and understanding on several matters... i have started to thirst for knowledge and have noticed the way that God works and the way that the Prince of darkness works. Being personally influenced by both in my life. I, like Alma the younger had to be reborn of the spirit.. now i did not fall into a deep sleep and wake up changed. But i did have my heart broken by God and he is rebuilding it in his way.

This might not make sense to you guys because you haven't been around me for almost a year.. but i testify that i know that these things are real and i know that the priesthood is a real thing. And that most people stay in the basic knowledge where they stay until they die, because they do not have believing hearts. But as i have been reborn of the spirit i now know that God can do anything he deems necessary, and because of that i am glad. Because we have truly found Christs gospel on the earth. Not some church that thinks they have the truth. I am 100% positive that Joseph Smith was the Prophet to open up this last dispensation and that the gospel truths had to be restored. I am also positive i am a true disciple of Christ and this work is the work of my father in heaven. Although i do wish i could be home with you guys so i could serve you in any way i can, because i have a true love for you. I know that God sent me here for a reason and that it is necessary for me to stay until my time is complete. But i promise that i will work hard and brings souls unto salvation and that i may shine as the stars in heaven when my life has ended. (i have been reading the Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith and it is rubbing off on me a little bit) I love you guys and i will continue to keep you all in my prayers. Ryan needs to make sure that he is praying--that is how he can have the spirit guide him.

Have a great week,

Elder Ballif

Monday, May 2, 2011

Not Feeling Well - Getting New Companion

this week is very sad. I was sick, my wonderful companion Elder Russon left me. I'm scared of my next companion. He is a real go getter i hear.. i have not had to be like that yet. So i guess it will be a good experience for me. Get me up to my full potential.

 I got to bear my testimony at church yesterday, in both wards.. it was a little nerve racking for a minute but then i started to get some confidence and i think i did alright. At least a few people told me they enjoyed it. So i am fine with that.

I hate being sick. Its pretty much not fun whatsoever.. especially when i had my last week to learn the area and spend time with a very good companion.. and i spent it laying down and throwing up a few times. And my throat is still sore. i hate it!

Unfortunately, Brother Afalava is leaving for Indianaoplis Colts training camp today so i won't be able to teach him the importance of going to the temple and the lovely covenants that are associated with that blessing. But hopefully i will somehow get to help him reach his full potential as well as me.

We taught a Lady and her daughter this week as well.. her son kind of too, but he was watching TV. They were pretty cool, their names are Kary, Destiny and Daymon.. i was feeling like crap when we taught them and they were super hyper because they were drinking coffee! Oh well, we will teach them about that soon enough. We are also going to be teaching a family of four next Saturday.. They are the Story family, Jennifer, Aubrey, Serina, and Bailey.. they are pretty cool too, except that one of them saw ghosts so we came over and blessed their home and gave her a blessing and now she says she doesn't see the ghost anymore.

I just wanna let you all know that i am sorry i have been not always been doing things to the best of my ability and i think that is going to drastically change in the next short while and i will become a full fledged messenger of Christ.. not that i wasn't before but i don't think my whole heart was in the right place, and although i am worried and scared even, i will be ok if i continue to do the things i know i should. I love you all and i will be a different person when i get home. a BETTER person. But still have the same Personality... maybe just a little refined.. we will see.

you guys have a good week i will pray for you all, just be the baller people that you are already and you will be fine! Keep up that reading with Ryan, he doesn't like it right now, but when he gets out here and that is all he does read, he will thank you guys for it.


Your Loving Son

Elder Austin Jeffery Ballif

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Got to go to the Temple

Hey guys, sorry i am a little late, my p-day was kind of screwed up. So since we are preparing for lunch i thought it would be appropriate to email the family, Thank you for your love and support and your prayers. I can feel some of the weight of my shoulders taken off just knowing that you guys pray for me and that God really is blessing me and you guys (since i do the same for all of you). But just kind of an update, We are seeing the Afalava's tonight and we are going to be teaching them about the temple and how they need to go there because their kids are too cute to not have that blessing of being sealed. And since i had the opportunity to go there on Tuesday, i think i will be able to teach them pretty well. I am getting happier and happier with our area. There are still alot of dope fiends everywhere and alot of them say we don't believe in Christ.. but when they say that i own them with my knowledge. But they are all too stubborn to believe me.

The Old man that i was teaching Boyd, is actually not even an old man.... which i still think someone is pranking me. He is only 55 years old.. but he looks like he is 75. So i guess smoking makes you look way older! So for all those who think smoking is cool and makes you look older.. its true it does... but just not in a good way!!

My mission president is sending an ex zone leader to be my companion for 1 transfer. Then depending on how well i do with him, i will be having a baby the next transfer. (training a new missionary)

So that is exciting, we have some progressing investigators and we are teaching a pretty good number of people so i am excited for the near future. but now i gotta step up and join the big leagues. Kind of stressful, but i will manage. just make sure you guys pray that i will have inspiration and stamina because i hear that this guy i am getting doesn't stop moving till 9 at night.. which i am a good missionary and i go at a pretty good pace but nothing like i hear this kid is like.. i will need all the help i can get.

Oh well.. i love you guys, and i hope you have a fantastic week. And as for Ryan, just read a page of Preach my Gospel EVERY night with him and he needs to make sure he is reading a chapter from the book of mormon everyday and he is praying at least every night, preferably every morning too. If he does those things, the rest will come pretty easy. well i love you guys and i am thankful the lord blessed me by placing me into your family. Although i have many flaws, when i don't think of them i do well.

have a good week!


Elder Ballif

Monday, April 18, 2011

Get to Teach a football player from the Indianapolis Colts

Despite the fact i hate emailing, and I hate sharing my feelings for all to see. I decided that i will out of the sheer love that i have for Momma Bear. And that fact that it "makes her day"...

Anyways my week has been pretty good, i got alot out of church yesterday and I got news that i get to teach Al Afalava # 23 on the Indianapolis Colts once a week because his wife came up to us and asked if we could come over weekly to teach him.. so i am excited for that. (he needs good influences in his life other then Peyton Manning and Austin Collie)

make Ryan watch the little mermaid part where they are in the boat with the lobster and he starts singing.( kiss the girl) Only if he wants to risk getting mono??

We have some free time today so we decided to come to the library so i could email and look at things on wikipedia about other churches. (for doctrine curiosity)

My last couple of weeks has been pretty good. I met some cool people and i also learned some cool things throughout the week. For instance i learned that the Arabs invented the base 10 number system. which took over the use of Roman numerals because it's ability to use high numbers and negative numbers. Anyways, now i can participate on "Are you smarter then a fifth grader".

I met a girl named Casey yesterday and she showed me a minute of undercover brother to show my companion his resemblance to Chris Kattan, and she was making fun of herself because she is a Ginger. And fact that ginger kids have a strand of DNA that is messed up and that is why Gingers usually have no souls. (south park reference) ...but thats neither here nor there.

I just started Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage. It has a lot of words that even i will need a dictionary for.

My companionship is now down to 2 people me and Elder Russon, my homie G. We are a pretty good companionship and our traits and abilities compliment each other pretty nicely; for example he is a more passive person and i am more of a blunt aggressive person so in lessons we do "Good missionary, Bad missionary" and its got a good track record so far. I've only had to push around a few people. My favorite thing to do is basketball now.. but i only get to play once a week. But a few people asked me if i played in college last Monday. That was after i got some ice for their ankles when i broke them. :)

Well, i don't have too much else to say so i will just say i love you guys, and i miss you all very dearly, And don't send me a birthday cake or i'll "throw it on the ground!"

love yall,
Elder Ballif

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Letter to Jenn, following pictures from Brynlee's blessing...

Hey Jenn,

Thank you for that email. It managed to make the tears come which has been difficult as of late.

I love you guys, all of you guys. I wish i could be there with all of you and share these memories with you.. But it's ok because time here is temporary and I am growing and changing for the better. I can see the change but I still want to be with you all more.. I think that just shows how much I love y'all.

I am glad everything is working out for all of you guys and everything is peachy. Things here are going alright. I am getting tired of all of these people who are too stubborn to listen to us when we can really change their lives for the better.

Tell your boys i am their self appointed Godfather. And if they ever need anything from me. They can ask. Because when i am rich.. i will have plenty to go around. ;) I love you guys and miss you.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Still working with Boyd to quit smoking

Hey, things are going alright. I'm glad you had a good talk with Elder Marlin K. Jensen (of the 70) about me. I also had a pretty good conversation with him before my areas stake conference. I was the only missionary that got to meet with him so that was pretty cool and he gave me some good advice.

I did watch the Jimmer fest. If BYU is is in the NCAA tournament, i am going to watch it no matter what. :)

About Boyd... we are trying to help him quit smoking still, he is doing very well, but he still has a few concerns about coffee and the prophet that we need to go over more in depth.

Its transfers this week and i am getting a new companion, the companion i like (Elder Russon) is staying with me but the brazilian is getting moved to another companionship in our zone. But we are also getting someone else to come with us... so i am not very excited. Threesomes are killing me.

Love, Austin Ballif

Monday, March 14, 2011

Working with a Grandpa

We are teaching a Grandpa in his 70's. He has a word of wisdom problem with smoking but we have him down to a single cigarette a day from the pack day he use to smoke. We hope to set a baptismal date for him soon!

We got out and did some missionary service--it was raining hard so we had a good mud bath.

 We had a general authority visit over the past weekend. Elder Marlin Jensen of the seventy. I had the chance to talk to him personally which was a great experience.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Area - Albany, OR -- Address correction!

Elder Ballif was transferred this week. The secretary from the mission office saw Elder Ballif yesterday at transfers and said he looked great!

 Below is the corrected address. Initially the mission office had told me that it was NW rather than SE for the street address. SE is correct as shown below.

His correct new Address is:

Elder Austin Ballif
436 Ermine St. SE
Albany,OR 97321

Monday, February 7, 2011

Transfer this Week- 10 minutes away, but new Zone

Hey, i found out that i am getting transferred tomorrow. And it is only like 10-15 minutes away from my area now.. the only thing that is different is that it is in a different zone. i love you guys and i will tell you guys more when i find out.
i have been praying and fasting for you guys for 2 weeks and i am glad that this last week was GREAT. That was what i was hoping for.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Met a Great Family

I am glad you guys got home safely.
I am doing a little better this week,
their is one family I recently met that i really just absolutely love,
and that is the Smith family.. Jon, Brittney and litte 2 year old Kiley.
They are like my all time favorite.
Kiley is so dang cute.. and Brittney is the nicest person i have ever met,
And Jon, he is like the coolest guy ever. They are amazing.
The work has also been a little frustrating, we started teaching someone on thursday but her mom doesn't want her to get baptized yet which is really stupid because the mom herself is a member and its just irritating.
but that is about all i got, i love you..
i am gonna go play some ball!
Elda Ballif!