Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Getting Transferred to Eugene

Hey Family, 

I hope everything is going well back in good old Kaysville. Its going pretty well here in Albany but I am more concerned about my new area that I am going to TOMORROW!! I am going to Eugene.

My address is going to be:
1800 River Rd Apt. 2-B
Eugene, OR 97404

I will be serving in the Santa Clara 2nd Ward which is a pretty tiny area from what I hear and my companion is the District Leader and his name is Elder Acuna (a-coon-yuh). President Young told me that it is going to be a very important transfer for me and him because he wants to make me a leader (this is what he told me). Its pretty exciting. Its going to be a pretty crazy transfer! I am up for it though.

Well, the work in Albany is going a little slowly now... Lacy is on a lengthy vacation in Salem. And we haven't seen her in 2 weeks but thats alright I feel that she will be back tonight hopefully. 

I will make sure to get pictures with all my favorite families. I got a picture with a little boy that reminds me a lot of Carsen. So I had to get a picture with him! 

God has definitely blessed me in this work and helped me grow when I needed to and I feel like the more effort I put in the more he blesses me. And that is why I am excited to get a new area and go to work. 

Well family, I don't really have much to tell you, I love you and I bought some huge duffle bags instead of suitcases.. WAY CHEAPER. I love you all and I hope you have a magnifico week! 

Elder Ballif