Monday, April 23, 2012

Larry and Cheryl Still Coming Along

Hey family! you guys are so Number 1!

This week was really good, Larry and Cheryl are doing fantastic and they are progressing like a G6. (you might not understand my reference.. it is a stupid song I heard earlier on in my mission that has just placed itself in my brain forever) But we had a great lesson with them this week and we actually invited them to be baptized but they said they need more time to read and find that it is true. But all signs are pointing UP. And my Ex-con Brotha Richard has agreed to let us come over some more and teach him despite being very busy with school. So we shall see him on Saturday.

But the work here is going good, I am really enjoying my Deathbed. Its a cushy spot. I just hope that I can see Larry and Cheryl get baptized before I come home. That would be my Teenage Dream. Even better then Katy Perry's.

Some cool things that have happened... I am driving a 2012 Subaru Legacy which is super nice. The nicest car I will drive for 20 years. It's "my precious".

Oh and thank you very much for wiring some money to my account! I got some good food for once. muchos gracious!!!! How are the Jazz doing??? I need my fix....

Anyways... Not much else to say this week!! but in 3 weeks I will be able to skype you guys for MOTHERS DAY!!! and then only like a month and a half and I will be returning into your loving arms.

<3 yall! have an EPIC week!

Elder Ballif

Monday, April 9, 2012

Larry and Cheryl still doing well

Hey Family, I hope all is well in Kaysville!

Cameron, Happy Birthday my little man! 6 years old! woohoo.

Thank you for all the Easter eggs full of love. I have already eaten them.

To answer a few questions, No I haven't been keeping a journal. The moments that are needed to be remembered will be remembered. And the camera you sent me out with pretty much stinks... sorry to say and I am not ungrateful but Fuji film is not a good company if you ask me.. every time I try and take a picture it tells me that the battery is not in the camera, but it sure is in there. So sufficeth to say I have not been a happy camper about "storing my memories".

Larry and Cheryl are doing awesome, they came to the Adult session of Stake Conference and they really enjoyed it. We stopped by to see them last night and they gave us a bunch of really good food!!!! (Salmon and Homemade Summer Sausage) I also gave Larry and Cheryl the Book of Mormon that you guys put your testimony and picture in and they really liked that. So thank you.

That is weird to hear that Quinn is leaving.. it will be sad to get back and not see his luscious locks.

Not much else has happened this week though.. Me and Elder Mcmakin get along really well.. he is part native american from Montana and he grew up on a reservation he is really cool.

I love you guys and CANNOT wait to see you.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Thanks for Birthday Wishes

Hey Family,

Thank you very much for the letters and Package for my Birthday. And especially for the Margarita mix. (nice....) I actually don't really like that taste but I would think you were sending me that as a joke. So its all good. I really liked all the stuff you got me. The spy glasses were pretty snazzy. I use them every day to make sure I don't miss any people to talk to about the Gospel with.

We went over to Cheryl and Larry's home yesterday to watch a session of conference and they really enjoyed it. I feel as though they will be baptized pretty soon. They are really awesome and nice and they love the fact that the Church is so family oriented. I am excited for them!!!

General Conference was pretty awesome.. I think I heard some little things that I needed to hear.. Especially the talk about holding grudges.. because unfortunately because of all of the girls before me in the fam.. I inherited that wonderful quality. But I can't blame them for that, I can only blame myself for not forgetting and forgiving others as much. I would say that with each new person I meet I automatically start to put them on a rating scale.. and if they do something that I like they go up on the scale but if they do something that offends me or that I don't like--then I tend to put them in the negative, and unless they do something that I like then I just don't like them. But I have been trying to fix that because that is not how I am supposed to view others.

I can't wait to get home though.. I am excited to see all of you and show you some of my "lovin'"...
It will be so precious. I get really excited when I see pictures of the little ones, They are growing so rapidly and I don't want to miss anymore of that cuteness. I am so excited to baby sit all of the munchkin squad. It will be a glorious time. I am just going to have so much to do when I get home... Catch Gata's with Cameron, Frolic in the lilies with Carsen, and finger paint with Princess Ellie. And teach Brynlee how to do the Soulja boy dance. (not really the last one but you get the idea)

I don't want you to register me for school yet, I wanna wait for a semester and just work but if you could look up what I will need to do to go to school and if you could also look up the requirements to play basketball. Just in case I am good enough to play when I get back and I get some Lebron Hops, :)

I hope you all are having a fantastic week and I will keep you all in my prayers for reals.

oh and I forgot to tell you that my new companion is named Elder Mcmakin and I already know him and I think that he is really funny.. so we will have some good times!

love you guys have a good one!

<3, Elder AJ Ballif