Monday, April 9, 2012

Larry and Cheryl still doing well

Hey Family, I hope all is well in Kaysville!

Cameron, Happy Birthday my little man! 6 years old! woohoo.

Thank you for all the Easter eggs full of love. I have already eaten them.

To answer a few questions, No I haven't been keeping a journal. The moments that are needed to be remembered will be remembered. And the camera you sent me out with pretty much stinks... sorry to say and I am not ungrateful but Fuji film is not a good company if you ask me.. every time I try and take a picture it tells me that the battery is not in the camera, but it sure is in there. So sufficeth to say I have not been a happy camper about "storing my memories".

Larry and Cheryl are doing awesome, they came to the Adult session of Stake Conference and they really enjoyed it. We stopped by to see them last night and they gave us a bunch of really good food!!!! (Salmon and Homemade Summer Sausage) I also gave Larry and Cheryl the Book of Mormon that you guys put your testimony and picture in and they really liked that. So thank you.

That is weird to hear that Quinn is leaving.. it will be sad to get back and not see his luscious locks.

Not much else has happened this week though.. Me and Elder Mcmakin get along really well.. he is part native american from Montana and he grew up on a reservation he is really cool.

I love you guys and CANNOT wait to see you.