Monday, November 29, 2010

Baptism and Turkey Bowls

Hey Daddy and Mommie,
I know i didn't say much last week... but its all good right? I was able to baptize Zak. i will send pictures of it soon.  i forgot my camera and i don't have a way to upload it. i will figure it out. I had a good time on thanksgiving, played Xbox, watched Toy story 3, played Quarterback in a multi singles ward turkey bowl and i had like 25 touchdowns..(through the course of like 5 games).? which was alot... they were asking me if i played for a team back home.. I told them NOT YET!!! ahahaahaha we played tackle and i got rocked a few times but it was way fun.

You let the missionaries over for dinner!!?? thats cool.. I get treated alright here so i guess i'll allow it. Oh man sweet pork and tortillas! nice! lets just say i am not as picky anymore with food.. i just eat whatever now.. except if it is meat and it has a tendon in it or what not.. other then that. whateva!
Regarding my Trio... I am going to pull the "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all card"
I am not having a good time with it. Oh well.. God knows my limits better then me.

i had a pretty good week and i am trying to get over my homesickness.. but i love you guys and as long as you guys are blessed while i am gone and doing well, i don't need to worry.
Have a great week,
 -Elder Ballif

Monday, November 22, 2010

Limited time to write this week- Companionship Change-TRIO

hey dad,
this week was a little better, although we got a new companion so we are in a trio now............ and we live in a little room with 3 guys and one bathroom. 

The lord must know how strong i am better then me because me and this new guy clash. I am not a fan. but i will make an extra effort to befriend him. Talking bad isn't helping my public image. :) 

But i don't have much time to write this week. i heard about byu, i might get to see some of the BYU-Utah game next saturday and someone was watching the Jazz-Trailblazer game when i was there so i saw some of it!!!!! they were all rooting against me and my jazz and we showed them.. CJ was way sweet!! 7-10 three pointers. i don't like raja bell..... but i like the rest of them except Kirilinko or however you spell it.. he needs to toughen up or get the heck out!!!! 

oh well i love you guys have a great week! send me something like the disney greatest hits so i can party with my new parents!
have a great week!
-Elder Ballif

Monday, November 15, 2010

Moved and got a Little Homesick

Hey hey!!!
How are you doing my loves!?

Oh well, this last week got a little tough for me, because i am finally starting to really miss you guys. Well i have always missed you guys but this week i have noticed the reasons why---but i am growing and learning and that is why i enjoy it.

My week is going pretty good. the baptism got delayed.. i moved in with some members.. (414 Lonebrook Ct. SE Salem OR 97302) is my New Address!!!!
Anyways to answer your questions: I love the new investigator. Her name is Kimberly Caldwell, it is the lady with the two birds and three dogs. Her and her husband are way cool. Yeah, we went and visited them that last week and talked to her about her reading in the Book of Mormon and answered her questions, i enjoyed it.
The baptism got set back till the 27th of November.. we had a busy week and had to reschedule it.
We did move--we moved in with members and it isn't in their basement. its upstairs right next to them, we have the same entrance, the same kitchen, the same fridge, i don't know how it will work exactly. we moved in their saturday and are just feeling it out. I like the temperture in their house better though because in the apartment everything was damp and i was not a fan of that. the ADDRESS IS: 
::::::::::: 414 Lonebrook Ct. SE, Salem OR 97302 :::::::::::
I am staying somewhat active. the one perk that living with members has is i get to use their weights. but they aren't even that good. but oh well it is workout equipment and i play basketball on occasion.. i am the best player in my zone.. but that isn't saying a whole lot  :) but still their are alot of guys in my zone. 
i ride my bike quite a bit.. i am not sure how much i go per day but i would say about 5 miles a day.. but that is because anywhere it is too far we have some missionaries that have a full car area drive us there.
I eat dinner every night!!! we send a calender around every week and it gets around.. some of the experiences we have at dinner make me grateful for the blessings we have as a family.
I like the new testiment.. i haven't read as much as usual but i will get back on that.. 
That is crazy that Cameron would push his brother! why would he do that?! he wouldn't have done that if i was there and he felt the love from me. but i am glad Carsen is ok! i love them!
well... i love you so much and i hope you are having a good day and i hope you have a good WEEK!  Tell ryan next time he emails me, i don't want half of his vocab to be HAM DOG. he tells me very little--i want more info.
i love you and miss you dearly.
- Elder Ballif

Monday, November 8, 2010

Portland Temple and Two Talking Birds

Hey Hey..
This week was pretty fun! We met a couple in our area where the husband is less active and the wife is a nonmember. We are teaching them. I Love them, they are awesome. they have 2 birds that talk and it is pretty funny when the birds mouth off when we are teaching them and they were watching the elections and teaching us about politics and it was a pretty fun time.
We are going back over to teach them tonight and i can't wait to see them--cool people.
I DIDN'T know you had those Truman Madsen tapes!!! if i would have known that i would have just had you burn it for me and send it to me, i spent 12.50 for it and i ain't made of money! oh well. those tapes are awesome. It really personalizes the prophet Joseph and shows his personality and all that cool stuff. i love the story in discussion 3 about the loud pitched preachers coming over to talk to him and saying...... "DO I HAVE THE PRIVLIGE TO SPEAK TO A PROPHET OF GOD"..... "Maybe you do... do you wanna wrestle?." That made me laugh pretty dang hard.
Yeah i heard about the BYU and UTAH games, not a big deal. i hear the Jazz aren't doing so hot...? what is up with that -- D-Will needs to pick it up.
i went to the Portland Temple. It was a cool experience, the Portland Temple is alot cooler looking than the Medford in my personal opinion. i enjoyed it. i liked the Celestial Room--pretty cool experience.
i still have the upcoming baptism on saturday and i am teaching him a few times this week. it'll be fun.
i like how you put that scripture, Matthew 16:25 because i read that a few days ago and that was the verse that stuck out to me the most..
and i have been trying to apply it to my service and also trying to love the people i meet instead of just treating them like a number that makes you look good and that is hard because everyone here is trying to look good with numbers and i don't like that because they are PEOPLE.. anyways...
that is about all i got for this week, hopefully something crazy happens next week so i can tell you guys about it..
i love you guys!
thank you for helping me build my house on a strong foundation. because when satan sends his mighty winds, they don't phase me.
love, Elder Ballif

Monday, November 1, 2010

Another Baptism Scheduled

I am doing pretty good and having another fullfilling week:
  • Another scheduled baptism.
  • A visit from Elder Kikuchi (Seventy)...  
  • Finished the Book of Mormon
  • Started the New Testament
  • Started Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith just to name a few things. 
we played night games and uno last night at a members house for Halloween and we went to trunk or treat as well. it was pretty funny. Our bishop and his wife dressed up like bikers which was pretty good. And i got a little candy too, even though the candy you sent was probably enough for me??

I did enjoy the package you sent. just the fact that you sent it and i got something and no one else did. it made my day. I am telling you no one gets anything so it is pretty funny to look at when i got the package everyone started hovering over it like a swarm of bees and wanted to see what i got. I enjoyed it. i liked the candy and this time of year is the only exception to that. i was a fan of the stuff i got!

anyways i think those DVDS regarding Lehi and Nephi's journey are the ones--my comp was telling me about them and said that i would like them and we are also buying the Prophet Joseph Smith Tapes from Truman Madsen when we go to the temple for our TEMPLE TRIP!! which is in 2 days. i am pretty excited.. i hear those tapes are pretty sweet. so yeah just saying if you wanna hear some cool things about JS, you should get those tapes at Deseret Book.
(Dad, i just wanna tell you something based off of the way that I learn. I never realized how smart spiritually you must be and how much knowledge you have. i am not saying that i used to think you were stupid by any means... but i just figure me and you think alike, well slightly different in terms of humor and interests but similar.. and just going by what you must know and what i am learning and all the insights i am getting and things like that its just pretty cool not to mention how great of an example you have always been to me even when i was too immature and ignorant to recognize it. I love you!)

anyways if you wanna know what i learned from Elder Kikuchi, just find his talk "Opening the heavens" and read it.. i am sure it was similar. 
well i love you guys i want some Protein for christmas so i can get huge huge!!!!  :)
love, Elder Ballif