Monday, November 1, 2010

Another Baptism Scheduled

I am doing pretty good and having another fullfilling week:
  • Another scheduled baptism.
  • A visit from Elder Kikuchi (Seventy)...  
  • Finished the Book of Mormon
  • Started the New Testament
  • Started Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith just to name a few things. 
we played night games and uno last night at a members house for Halloween and we went to trunk or treat as well. it was pretty funny. Our bishop and his wife dressed up like bikers which was pretty good. And i got a little candy too, even though the candy you sent was probably enough for me??

I did enjoy the package you sent. just the fact that you sent it and i got something and no one else did. it made my day. I am telling you no one gets anything so it is pretty funny to look at when i got the package everyone started hovering over it like a swarm of bees and wanted to see what i got. I enjoyed it. i liked the candy and this time of year is the only exception to that. i was a fan of the stuff i got!

anyways i think those DVDS regarding Lehi and Nephi's journey are the ones--my comp was telling me about them and said that i would like them and we are also buying the Prophet Joseph Smith Tapes from Truman Madsen when we go to the temple for our TEMPLE TRIP!! which is in 2 days. i am pretty excited.. i hear those tapes are pretty sweet. so yeah just saying if you wanna hear some cool things about JS, you should get those tapes at Deseret Book.
(Dad, i just wanna tell you something based off of the way that I learn. I never realized how smart spiritually you must be and how much knowledge you have. i am not saying that i used to think you were stupid by any means... but i just figure me and you think alike, well slightly different in terms of humor and interests but similar.. and just going by what you must know and what i am learning and all the insights i am getting and things like that its just pretty cool not to mention how great of an example you have always been to me even when i was too immature and ignorant to recognize it. I love you!)

anyways if you wanna know what i learned from Elder Kikuchi, just find his talk "Opening the heavens" and read it.. i am sure it was similar. 
well i love you guys i want some Protein for christmas so i can get huge huge!!!!  :)
love, Elder Ballif