Monday, October 25, 2010

Funny Old Guy

Hey Daddy, Mommie,

Yeah Oregon does look pretty rainy and chilly. but it is p-day so it is time to live it up!!!!!!!
thats cool that that Chicka from your ward got called here, i will see her because their are only like 10 girl missionaries here and 2 of them are in my zone. 

anyways, i miss you and i can't wait to get the package--i cannot wait to get it and i hope that there is some newspaper in it so i can get some info from the outside world.

My week was good and i did alot but for some reason when i email i don't remember anything so i don't really write anything special or specific. but it was filled with funny old people slamming the door in my face--i do remember that. this old guy saw us and when he opened his door and started yelling gibrish and slammed the door. for some reason it was hilarious to me. .
I am almost done with the Book of Mormon, i am going to read the New Testament right after i am done with the BOM, which will be cool. 

Um if i could ask for something for christmas i think i would ask for a movie. it is a show that kind of maps out nephi's journey to the americas and shows where everything probably happened and all that cool stuff. that stuff fascinates me.

i love you, Elder Ballif