Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunshine on Cold Rainy Days

HELLO! I'm in dang Salem now... and it rains all the time and its cloudy and it is the capitol of Oregon... big whoop. anyways, thank you for the letters. And to the cousins and extended family letters. i think i have started to feel bad for not talking in family home evenings.... but oh well. THANKS FOR THE LETTERS, they are a bit of sunshine in these cold cloudy rainy days.
Thats good that byu won. i was gonna jump ship and start liking Oregon instead. so its good that they actually beat another team!
Elder Matthews is pretty cool. i haven't gotten to know him too well yet but i am looking forward to, we are in an all bike area and everyone else has a dang 09 Corrolla--im quite envyous. i think i will get over it when i get mad skinny again from all the biking. 
That made me sad to know that Elen Belnap passed away, i never talked to her but reading about her life she sounded like an amazing woman. I only hope to have those things said about me when i go to rest in the spirit world.. she truly sounded like a wonderful lady.
anyways, i am going to play some basketball!!! so i love you guys and i would like some more emails from the rest of the my immediate family??? i am getting no love on the only day i can communicate with you guys?
well i love you and i miss you and i keep you all in my prayers.
-Elder Ballif