Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting acclimated to Salem

HEY HEY Poppy! 
things in Salem are going good, i have been here for like 2 weeks i believe and i am starting to get used to it. To be honest i would rather LIVE in medford but you know, its all good and Salem isn't too bad. just all the good stuff to do on P-Day is out of our mission so we can't do anything fun! oh well... it rains here like every 3 days, but i guess it is going to change in like a month and its going to rain every day till like feb--just the gossip around town. i enjoyed letters i got this week, from baby ellie and Kim and T.O. double D!!! Ellie looks so cute! i wish i could see her walk... but i guess i will when she is almost 3. 
I am teaching a 17 year old named Estivan (i think...) i don't know how to spell it. but he said he wanted to get baptized so i think we are planning that for november 5th.  

i am still learning everything and i am getting better at everything (SLOWLY) so i am progressing and that is what matters to me. i have also been reading alot of the Book Of Mormon, and i gotta say... i don't recommend reading it 10 chapters a day only because it is hard to remember all that i read, but i am working on it. i love Alma 32, and Alma 34.. i am on Alma 56 today so i will be done with the book i think next tuesday? so yeah that is cool, its definitely a powerful book and i don't know why but tears come out of me when i read it.. but its like i can't help it.. i am not crying.. i have only cryed on my mission 3 times... so not too bad--the first time was the day i left for the mtc when i was getting out of the car, the next was when i got the letters from cameron and carsen and Jenns letters of what they say about me.. i LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!!! 
This mission is teaching me alot of things--mainly so far to trust in Heavenly Father and have Faith in him. To be honest i did not have a strong testimony of many things before i came out.. at all.. But that has changed and as i have been here i have seen some cool things happen that could only be explained as a miracle. i love Heavenly Father and His Beloved son Jesus Christ for his Sacrifice that he made so my life can be ETERNAL, and that if i prepare myself and work at it that i can have an eternal family. that is what i want and am so thankful Jesus atoned for my sins so i can have that.
Now i just gotta get others to recognize that.. thats the hard part.
LOVE, Elder Ballif