Monday, October 4, 2010

Transfer this Week

Hello, Parents. I have some news for you guys. i am getting transferred this Wednesday to another location. I do not know where i am going or the companion i will have. If you guys call the mission office you can find my address out and you guys can mail me stuff so i can get it a few days after i get there. if you guys were planning on sending me more letters like the tons i have gotten so far. ;)
Anyways, conference was very good. I watched every session of course. there were a couple of talks i didn't really get as much out of as i should have because i was eating. but i will be sure to reread all the talks i heard in the november ensign. So that will be good.
Father, i have been reading my P Blessing. I read it more then anything else that i have. Unfortunately i read all of it instead of just the part that deals with my life right now which makes me really anxious to get home and start my post mission life but i do read about my mission quite frequently and i get alot out of it. just letting you know.
I got the shaver and the newspapers i think that is awesome that Davis is doing very well, and enjoyed reading about their success and the other articles in the desert news about everything i look forward to continuing to recieve those in the weeks to come. its something to do before i retire for the night.
I think i will start to make my letters to the family in one email. that would be alot easier and i could just focus on the main things i need to say, and i think i tell everyone things that i don't tell anyone else. just to make sure you guys talk about me... :)
Regarding Ryans emails. i love them, i would love them to continue. I need my nerd fix every week. that is all i am going to say about that.
About Byu... i have lost all hope this year... they lost to UTAH STATE..................................................
but that is ok, i think utah state is the team i am going to walk on to when i play football for them... so we will see. :)
I also started running at night so my calves can get huge by the time i get back. so that is exciting. they will be bigger then yours. And i will play QB for USU. just you wait. :)
Anyways i love you all and its ok that i didn't get an email from anyone except you and jenn. i am just a little sad... but whatever you guys have lives and all. but i love you guys and i expect moms letter in my next Area later this week!