Monday, August 30, 2010

1st Week in Oregon

hello father, yeah, that was my first dinner in the area so that was pretty fun. oh and another thing.. i would much rather you guys send me stuff directly to my address.. this way i can get your mail like 4 days faster.. alot less depressing that way. so my direct address is:
2051 Campus Drive apt. #4
Medford OR 97504
I will probably be there for a while so i will write you the saturday that i am informed of being transferred so you can contact the mission office and find out where i am going before i know where i am going, which i am sure will be nice for you guys...
Ok, well my first week was pretty fun, met my investigators and had my first Sunday and now my first P-day in the field. Elder Geis is pretty cool, he went to BYU before he came out and studied acting so that is pretty snazzy, he has been out for 17 months and i am his first baby.. Hmm, Medford is a pretty fun cute little area. reminds me of Utah but more rainy.. Tell ryan to rewrite me a letter because the one he sent doesn't make sense whatsoever.. he just answered all my questions without explaining what he was saying.. so i am a little confused but its all good.. I am having a pretty good time here, my daddy is teaching me alot here. I got that bike from the elder returning home so that is nice, it is a pretty good bike.. i need to get a big butt pad because the seat is teeny tiny but other than that it will do very well. I believe I will be able to attend the temple here.. like once a month. Well i love you all and look forward to more mail and or email.
to Heather- i love you like a fat kid kid loves cake. i miss you, Attend church as much as your work allows.. you will be blessed because of it, i promise. And i can't wait to see you in 23 months..
to MOM- i miss you, i love you and i wish you were here so i could eat good food.. but i just make sandwichs all day. can't wait to read your letter. And i hope i got some top of the line ankle weights..
to dad- thanks for this huge email.. it took me like 15 minutes to read so kudos to you. I miss you too, thank you for the scriptures and byu news... i wanna know more next week.. when they actually play!!!!! Jake Locker better get hurt by Jordan Pendleton.. i can't wait to hear about it. i love ya. :) p.s. it doesnt matter how long my tie is.. i look GQ.. PEACE!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Letter from Member -- Sister Kay Bragg

This morning I received a very nice email from a sister in Oregon who had two missionaries over to her house for dinner last night.

Her message:

We had dinner with your sons last night, wonderful missionaries and brought a great spirit into our home. Elder Ballif taught us his first spiritual thought on Faith, it was well done. Thanks for raising such good boys to serve us here in Southern Oregon!!

Sister Kay Bragg

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1st Area - Medford, OR

Elder Ballif arrived in Oregon yesterday and has been assigned to serve in Medford, OR. His trainer's name is Elder Geis.

He is in an area where he will share a car. He and his companion have the car M-Th and F-Su they will be on bikes. The Elder just leaving Medford gave Austin his bicycle so he is good for now as far as his bike needs! :)

It was great to also find out that the 2nd Temple built in Oregon is also in Medford.

Crater Lake is only about 30 miles from Medford.

New Arriving Elders

His P-Days are Monday.

His address is:

Elder Austin Ballif
2051 Campus Drive
Apartment #4
Medford, OR 97504

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

7 days left until i'm off to Oregon!


Today marks the day that i only have 7 days left until im off to Oregon and teaching the people the true gospel. I can't wait!!!!.. I'm just glad i don't have MTC goggles on..

My email isn't going to be super long but just know i plan on writing a letter to all of our family individually so don't worry. But i just want to tell all of you that i love you and i'm glad you guys keep writing me and all of that good stuff the only thing is the candy............ WHY ARE YOU GUYS TRYING TO GET ME FAT!!!!??? I have already gained 11 pounds... but oh well it is good so i guess i won't complain..

Next wednesday i will be at the mission home, there, my address will be 55 w 29th Ave Ste A, Eugene, OR 97405 so if you wanna write me some sweet letters you can by using that address..

I'm loving the support and i am working hard and trying my best so don't even worry about me, just hold up the fort while im gone.

Elder Ballif

Thursday, August 12, 2010

1st Handwritten Letter from the MTC


Whats up family? My P-day is Wednesday in the MTC and it will be Monday when I get to Oregon. My district is pretty cool. They teach me things and I teach them. My roommates are sweet, one is a pro wake boarder, one is a big huge funny Tongan kid from Glendale, Utah and my companion is black and he is from Payson, Utah. We are all going to Eugene and it is fun talking about things when we are falling asleep.

 I feel the spirit so strongly here and learning how to teach is good, too. I love all the things you guys have sent me and I am definitely feeling the love! I would write back but I do not have any envelopes or stamps!! I miss all of you and tears come to my eyes when you write and say all the sweet things to me.

 I need all your addresses so I can write everyone specifically. Since they don't let me email for very long I don't have time to do everyone, but I have quite a bit of free time to write letters, so send them.

 Well, I love you all and though it is a challenge here I know the Lord is helping me and will bless me as I strive my best to do his work. Keep the letters coming, I get the 3rd most in my district and it is awesome.

Love yall, Elder Ballif

P.S.  Cameron's picture is real cute. It is hung on my wall.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hey Family,

How is it going with your stud son in the MTC? I miss all you guys all the time except ryan.. you gotta write me a dearelder letter before I start showing the love to you man.

I am learning alot and having alot of fun. My companion is black.. and he doesn't know a thing about black culture, so I nicknamed him Elder Oreo.. I thought it was appropriate.

I have been learning alot the past week and I have been feeling the spirit almost all the time, which is great. I am very thankful for all of your love and support. (Donuts and Candy) Its has been really nice to know I have people praying and thinking of me at home and I feel it with all the letters.

I don't have much time left they limit our emails to 30 minutes every week so this will not be very long but I just want you to know that I love you all and I miss you all, but I am thankful I get to serve the Lord and find the people that need the gospel in their lives. I get really nervous when I am about to teach an investigator but I know that the spirit is with me and it will inspire me to say what they need to hear. Praying is so good so so good. I pray tons now and have been reading the scriptures alot. Well times up but I love you all and thank you for the love!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Entering the MTC

We dropped Elder Ballif off at the MTC yesterday afternoon. It was quick, curb-side style, but we managed to snap a few pictures...
Elder Ballif will be in the MTC until the morning of August 24. Feel free to drop a quick letter to him! He'd love to hear from anyone!

Farewell Lunch!

The family all got together right before taking Elder Ballif to the MTC and went to lunch at PF Changs in Orem. It was fun to get everyone around the table for the last time for 4 years (Ryan will leave just before Austin gets home!) Here are a few pictures of Elder Ballif with the grandkids. It will be fun to see how they've grown when he returns home in 2 years.