Thursday, August 12, 2010

1st Handwritten Letter from the MTC


Whats up family? My P-day is Wednesday in the MTC and it will be Monday when I get to Oregon. My district is pretty cool. They teach me things and I teach them. My roommates are sweet, one is a pro wake boarder, one is a big huge funny Tongan kid from Glendale, Utah and my companion is black and he is from Payson, Utah. We are all going to Eugene and it is fun talking about things when we are falling asleep.

 I feel the spirit so strongly here and learning how to teach is good, too. I love all the things you guys have sent me and I am definitely feeling the love! I would write back but I do not have any envelopes or stamps!! I miss all of you and tears come to my eyes when you write and say all the sweet things to me.

 I need all your addresses so I can write everyone specifically. Since they don't let me email for very long I don't have time to do everyone, but I have quite a bit of free time to write letters, so send them.

 Well, I love you all and though it is a challenge here I know the Lord is helping me and will bless me as I strive my best to do his work. Keep the letters coming, I get the 3rd most in my district and it is awesome.

Love yall, Elder Ballif

P.S.  Cameron's picture is real cute. It is hung on my wall.