Wednesday, August 18, 2010

7 days left until i'm off to Oregon!


Today marks the day that i only have 7 days left until im off to Oregon and teaching the people the true gospel. I can't wait!!!!.. I'm just glad i don't have MTC goggles on..

My email isn't going to be super long but just know i plan on writing a letter to all of our family individually so don't worry. But i just want to tell all of you that i love you and i'm glad you guys keep writing me and all of that good stuff the only thing is the candy............ WHY ARE YOU GUYS TRYING TO GET ME FAT!!!!??? I have already gained 11 pounds... but oh well it is good so i guess i won't complain..

Next wednesday i will be at the mission home, there, my address will be 55 w 29th Ave Ste A, Eugene, OR 97405 so if you wanna write me some sweet letters you can by using that address..

I'm loving the support and i am working hard and trying my best so don't even worry about me, just hold up the fort while im gone.

Elder Ballif