Monday, October 25, 2010

Funny Old Guy

Hey Daddy, Mommie,

Yeah Oregon does look pretty rainy and chilly. but it is p-day so it is time to live it up!!!!!!!
thats cool that that Chicka from your ward got called here, i will see her because their are only like 10 girl missionaries here and 2 of them are in my zone. 

anyways, i miss you and i can't wait to get the package--i cannot wait to get it and i hope that there is some newspaper in it so i can get some info from the outside world.

My week was good and i did alot but for some reason when i email i don't remember anything so i don't really write anything special or specific. but it was filled with funny old people slamming the door in my face--i do remember that. this old guy saw us and when he opened his door and started yelling gibrish and slammed the door. for some reason it was hilarious to me. .
I am almost done with the Book of Mormon, i am going to read the New Testament right after i am done with the BOM, which will be cool. 

Um if i could ask for something for christmas i think i would ask for a movie. it is a show that kind of maps out nephi's journey to the americas and shows where everything probably happened and all that cool stuff. that stuff fascinates me.

i love you, Elder Ballif

Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting acclimated to Salem

HEY HEY Poppy! 
things in Salem are going good, i have been here for like 2 weeks i believe and i am starting to get used to it. To be honest i would rather LIVE in medford but you know, its all good and Salem isn't too bad. just all the good stuff to do on P-Day is out of our mission so we can't do anything fun! oh well... it rains here like every 3 days, but i guess it is going to change in like a month and its going to rain every day till like feb--just the gossip around town. i enjoyed letters i got this week, from baby ellie and Kim and T.O. double D!!! Ellie looks so cute! i wish i could see her walk... but i guess i will when she is almost 3. 
I am teaching a 17 year old named Estivan (i think...) i don't know how to spell it. but he said he wanted to get baptized so i think we are planning that for november 5th.  

i am still learning everything and i am getting better at everything (SLOWLY) so i am progressing and that is what matters to me. i have also been reading alot of the Book Of Mormon, and i gotta say... i don't recommend reading it 10 chapters a day only because it is hard to remember all that i read, but i am working on it. i love Alma 32, and Alma 34.. i am on Alma 56 today so i will be done with the book i think next tuesday? so yeah that is cool, its definitely a powerful book and i don't know why but tears come out of me when i read it.. but its like i can't help it.. i am not crying.. i have only cryed on my mission 3 times... so not too bad--the first time was the day i left for the mtc when i was getting out of the car, the next was when i got the letters from cameron and carsen and Jenns letters of what they say about me.. i LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!!! 
This mission is teaching me alot of things--mainly so far to trust in Heavenly Father and have Faith in him. To be honest i did not have a strong testimony of many things before i came out.. at all.. But that has changed and as i have been here i have seen some cool things happen that could only be explained as a miracle. i love Heavenly Father and His Beloved son Jesus Christ for his Sacrifice that he made so my life can be ETERNAL, and that if i prepare myself and work at it that i can have an eternal family. that is what i want and am so thankful Jesus atoned for my sins so i can have that.
Now i just gotta get others to recognize that.. thats the hard part.
LOVE, Elder Ballif

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunshine on Cold Rainy Days

HELLO! I'm in dang Salem now... and it rains all the time and its cloudy and it is the capitol of Oregon... big whoop. anyways, thank you for the letters. And to the cousins and extended family letters. i think i have started to feel bad for not talking in family home evenings.... but oh well. THANKS FOR THE LETTERS, they are a bit of sunshine in these cold cloudy rainy days.
Thats good that byu won. i was gonna jump ship and start liking Oregon instead. so its good that they actually beat another team!
Elder Matthews is pretty cool. i haven't gotten to know him too well yet but i am looking forward to, we are in an all bike area and everyone else has a dang 09 Corrolla--im quite envyous. i think i will get over it when i get mad skinny again from all the biking. 
That made me sad to know that Elen Belnap passed away, i never talked to her but reading about her life she sounded like an amazing woman. I only hope to have those things said about me when i go to rest in the spirit world.. she truly sounded like a wonderful lady.
anyways, i am going to play some basketball!!! so i love you guys and i would like some more emails from the rest of the my immediate family??? i am getting no love on the only day i can communicate with you guys?
well i love you and i miss you and i keep you all in my prayers.
-Elder Ballif

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2nd Area - Salem, OR

2nd Area - Salem, OR 

Elder Ballif was transferred today. He has now been assigned to serve in Salem, OR. His new companion's name is Elder Matthews. 

His new address is:

Elder Austin Ballif
4840 S. E. Sunnyside Rd, #49
Salem, OR 97302

Monday, October 4, 2010

Transfer this Week

Hello, Parents. I have some news for you guys. i am getting transferred this Wednesday to another location. I do not know where i am going or the companion i will have. If you guys call the mission office you can find my address out and you guys can mail me stuff so i can get it a few days after i get there. if you guys were planning on sending me more letters like the tons i have gotten so far. ;)
Anyways, conference was very good. I watched every session of course. there were a couple of talks i didn't really get as much out of as i should have because i was eating. but i will be sure to reread all the talks i heard in the november ensign. So that will be good.
Father, i have been reading my P Blessing. I read it more then anything else that i have. Unfortunately i read all of it instead of just the part that deals with my life right now which makes me really anxious to get home and start my post mission life but i do read about my mission quite frequently and i get alot out of it. just letting you know.
I got the shaver and the newspapers i think that is awesome that Davis is doing very well, and enjoyed reading about their success and the other articles in the desert news about everything i look forward to continuing to recieve those in the weeks to come. its something to do before i retire for the night.
I think i will start to make my letters to the family in one email. that would be alot easier and i could just focus on the main things i need to say, and i think i tell everyone things that i don't tell anyone else. just to make sure you guys talk about me... :)
Regarding Ryans emails. i love them, i would love them to continue. I need my nerd fix every week. that is all i am going to say about that.
About Byu... i have lost all hope this year... they lost to UTAH STATE..................................................
but that is ok, i think utah state is the team i am going to walk on to when i play football for them... so we will see. :)
I also started running at night so my calves can get huge by the time i get back. so that is exciting. they will be bigger then yours. And i will play QB for USU. just you wait. :)
Anyways i love you all and its ok that i didn't get an email from anyone except you and jenn. i am just a little sad... but whatever you guys have lives and all. but i love you guys and i expect moms letter in my next Area later this week!