Monday, September 27, 2010

Potential Baptism

Yeah, i heard about the byu game.. most of the members here are byu fans and they sort of fill me in. its hard when my companion hates them and loves Utah and shoves it in my face every saturday... :)  oh well,  in 2 years, they will destroy Utah so i am not too worried about it. 

It looks like i will have my first baptism on the 23rd of October, so that is pretty snazzy. His name is Austin and his friend is in the ward and he started coming and we are teaching him now. i have a good feeling about it--i'm not the best teacher but i'm slowly getting better at it. Austin and his friend both like football so i just play catch with them after visits to improve our friendship. i cannot wait till the turkey bowl on thanksgiving. i think i'm gonna have to play tackle--it will be awesome. 

 anyways i love you dad and i am working pretty hard and i am reading and understanding new things everyday. and i know God is helping me out because i am terrible at alot of spiritual things but its getting easier for me.
love you, Elder Ballif