Monday, September 20, 2010

Learning the Developing Missionary Skills

thanks for the advice dad. yeah i heard about byu--they are kind of frustrating me, and my companion is a hardcore Utah fan and he is a weiner about it. he frustrates me sometimes but he is a pretty good missionary and other then the utah thing he isn't too bad--he just rubs it in way too often. oh well i won't get sent home for punching him that is the good news :). 

i am working on my talking skills. i used to have them but now i just don't. kind of frustrating but God is gonna have to help me a little and im sure he will give me the opportunities to work on it and i just need to be ready to do it--which i will do. 

i am reading the book of mormon alot and i challenged ryan to read it, you should not let him play video games until he reads a chapter a day and you quiz him about the chapter. i think that would be good for him and after he reads it enough he will understand how important it is... just a thought. 

i am going to need to steal your shaver... my neck is hurting and shaving this much sucks!!!! just a few strokes with the electric and it feels tons better.. i need it. and i am going to buy a football.. today.. i really have the urge to get good and try out for snow college as qb...but those are just my immature hopes and dreams :) . but i do plan to get buff when i get home because doing it on a mission is too hard. but the good thing is, i am not really focusing on those things and i am mainly focusing on the gospel so that is good. 

i am progressing with my knowledge and understanding of the plan of salvation and all that good stuff and i realized that i didn't actually know a whole lot before i came, but now i do. so i am not too worried about it. now i just gotta become a master talker and teacher and then i will baptize everyone :) !!!!!!!
anyways i will talk to you next week, i love you dad--thank you for your wonderful example as a father. i didn't really realize it till i got here and i do love you guys and i realized how much you have done for me, just so you know. 
i don't have alot to tell you about interactions with investigators our area is like the one with all the members and it is tiny so its been tracted many many times. we are working with some stragglers that have made some wrong choices and we are trying to get them back to church and i have to teach family home evening to a family tonight--so that should be fun!!!! NOT  :) !
i love you, Elder Ballif