Monday, November 8, 2010

Portland Temple and Two Talking Birds

Hey Hey..
This week was pretty fun! We met a couple in our area where the husband is less active and the wife is a nonmember. We are teaching them. I Love them, they are awesome. they have 2 birds that talk and it is pretty funny when the birds mouth off when we are teaching them and they were watching the elections and teaching us about politics and it was a pretty fun time.
We are going back over to teach them tonight and i can't wait to see them--cool people.
I DIDN'T know you had those Truman Madsen tapes!!! if i would have known that i would have just had you burn it for me and send it to me, i spent 12.50 for it and i ain't made of money! oh well. those tapes are awesome. It really personalizes the prophet Joseph and shows his personality and all that cool stuff. i love the story in discussion 3 about the loud pitched preachers coming over to talk to him and saying...... "DO I HAVE THE PRIVLIGE TO SPEAK TO A PROPHET OF GOD"..... "Maybe you do... do you wanna wrestle?." That made me laugh pretty dang hard.
Yeah i heard about the BYU and UTAH games, not a big deal. i hear the Jazz aren't doing so hot...? what is up with that -- D-Will needs to pick it up.
i went to the Portland Temple. It was a cool experience, the Portland Temple is alot cooler looking than the Medford in my personal opinion. i enjoyed it. i liked the Celestial Room--pretty cool experience.
i still have the upcoming baptism on saturday and i am teaching him a few times this week. it'll be fun.
i like how you put that scripture, Matthew 16:25 because i read that a few days ago and that was the verse that stuck out to me the most..
and i have been trying to apply it to my service and also trying to love the people i meet instead of just treating them like a number that makes you look good and that is hard because everyone here is trying to look good with numbers and i don't like that because they are PEOPLE.. anyways...
that is about all i got for this week, hopefully something crazy happens next week so i can tell you guys about it..
i love you guys!
thank you for helping me build my house on a strong foundation. because when satan sends his mighty winds, they don't phase me.
love, Elder Ballif