Monday, April 23, 2012

Larry and Cheryl Still Coming Along

Hey family! you guys are so Number 1!

This week was really good, Larry and Cheryl are doing fantastic and they are progressing like a G6. (you might not understand my reference.. it is a stupid song I heard earlier on in my mission that has just placed itself in my brain forever) But we had a great lesson with them this week and we actually invited them to be baptized but they said they need more time to read and find that it is true. But all signs are pointing UP. And my Ex-con Brotha Richard has agreed to let us come over some more and teach him despite being very busy with school. So we shall see him on Saturday.

But the work here is going good, I am really enjoying my Deathbed. Its a cushy spot. I just hope that I can see Larry and Cheryl get baptized before I come home. That would be my Teenage Dream. Even better then Katy Perry's.

Some cool things that have happened... I am driving a 2012 Subaru Legacy which is super nice. The nicest car I will drive for 20 years. It's "my precious".

Oh and thank you very much for wiring some money to my account! I got some good food for once. muchos gracious!!!! How are the Jazz doing??? I need my fix....

Anyways... Not much else to say this week!! but in 3 weeks I will be able to skype you guys for MOTHERS DAY!!! and then only like a month and a half and I will be returning into your loving arms.

<3 yall! have an EPIC week!

Elder Ballif