Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Faith and Things

Hey Family,

I hope you guys are doing well, that is pretty crazy that Brock is home.. That feels like not that long ago.. but then again it doesn't really feel like I have been out for a year already. I feel like you guys should put a count down on the blog to when I come home.. which will be around July 5th or so of 2012. So that is pretty exciting, I hope people will actually be at my Homecoming. But I tend not to think about stuff like this right now... Just sometimes. I feel like I have accepted the fact that me thinking about home and the things I want to do when I return will not help anything right now and just make it worse. I just hope and pray that you guys are alright and I hope that I can be better than I was when I get back.. Because you truly "don't know what you got till it's gone" And I feel like I owe a lot of love to you guys for helping me grow up and helping me get out here so I can mature.

Everything is going alright, I feel as though I will be transferred this upcoming week so you guys will know next Monday If that comes to fruition. I am currently on alma 46 right now right after Alma the Younger (my favorite Prophet) gets taken up into Heaven. I really enjoy his teachings and all that he did for the people of the Church. I really like Ammon too he was a man of great faith and confidence in God that he did great things by Faith. Faith is definitely a key factor in anything in life.. It motivates us to do things.. Like I wouldn't read the scriptures if I didn't have faith that I would learn more and become more spiritual. I wouldn't pray if I didn't have Faith that God would help me with the current problems or good things going in life. I wouldn't work a job if I didn't have faith that I would get payed some $$$. etc.. etc.. 

Faith is a very big thing that we all need to have. And that is why the first principle of the Gospel of Christ is Faith on him. That will lead you to experiment on his words and try to be like him and follow his example. Which in turn makes you happier and makes the world a little bit better. If everyone was truly seeking the kingdom of God then the world would be a lot better than it is. But Satan has a great grasp on many people. As he is reigning on the Earth. But luckily that reign of the evil one will soon end. And the Savior will come and redeem his people, I feel sooner then we realize. I am not going to put a number on it because NO ONE knows except the Father, (take that Judgment Day on October 21st 2011- LAME) But we just need to make sure we are trying to be like the savior and constantly praying for forgiveness and help because we sure as heck need it. This world has become a terrible place, and the true saints of God are few in number. But that is where I come in! we have two people that have baptismal dates, Lacy and Peter. And we are also going to be setting a third possibly today. We are working with 3 main people right now that are non members, they are great people and they want to know how to go by God. And I am grateful to God for helping me find them. And helping me teach them. I have been very blessed as I have been out here to learn and develop quickly. As long as I have cast aside my stubbornness... :(

But family I hope you are doing well, I love you guys with all my heart. And I cannot wait for the day I can see you all again.

Elder Ballif