Monday, August 8, 2011

My Nieces and Nephews

Hey Fam,

Todays email isn't going to be super long.. but i hope you guys have had a good week, I enjoyed the pictures of my favorite little munchkins and little baby Brynlee I love all of the kids in our family, they are very cute and I just want to hug them and kiss them for a few days straight when i get home.. so i might have to kidnap them to do that.. but i will feed them and take care of them so don't worry about it.

Anyways, we are teaching a few families right now.. i don't really know how close they are to desiring to be baptized but we are working on it. There is a 30 year old named Lacy that we are teaching and she has come to church twice in a row and she is really cool and i think we are starting to progress with her, we had a special lesson with her and talked to her about how short this life is and how long eternity is and kind of the difference between the worldly people and the saints.. in terms of happiness (in heaven). and it was good because we had the lesson outside and the sun was setting and we told her that the sun is what we are aiming for. It was a good time.

Concerning my studies in the scriptures, i finished the NT, and started the D&C. I really enjoy the D&C... It just adds to me the proof that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God because when he was getting those revelations he was reciting them without pause and that would be impossible if not inspired. I am excited to read that then read the Pearl, then the old testament.. while i am reading other gospel books as well. I like reading now.. I am getting pretty good at reading and remembering what I read. And understanding it. The Holy Ghost is a wonderful help to me. I am learning quickly, This is a fun thing for me because I hated school and reading and having to put effort in to things to be able to come out with anything.. I have not been use to that my entire life.. so its a new and exciting experience for me.

Anyways i have to go,

But i love you all and pray and hope for many blessings in your lives.

hope all is well,

Elder Ballif