Sunday, July 17, 2011

Met with New Mission President

Hey Family, Sorry I am a day late.... we had a very busy day yesterday with Interviews with our new mission president. That went well by the way.. President Young told me that i was doing a good job training Elder Hatton, and that he would want me to train again. I am NOT too excited about that. I personally would much rather prefer to become leadership, but i just don't want to openly tell them that... I told Sister Young that we were doing a good job but i would rather not train, then i went and saw President Young, and he told me that i would be probably training again. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This makes me not very happy. :) Oh well, hopefully God will let me train and be district leader next time. Anyways...

I hope you guys are doing wonderful and having fun without me, i just wish i could hear from everyone a little more often. I feel like I only hear from 3 of you and including my brothers in law we have 8, if these were home teaching results this would not do. I would love it if i heard from everyone. and i would even consider writing letters to specific people during the week.

We just committed a less active member to quit smoking last night, and her son who has been chewing tobacco since he was 16 (he is 27) told her that he would quit if she would quit! And now we will be going over and helping her every day for the next week to help her (inspire her) to stop.

President and Sister Young are pretty cool. They are pretty funny and they have good ideas to help move the work of the mission further. President Mcdonald was a lot more of Spirit of the law, and the Young's are a lot more Letter of the law. (whatever the white handbook says)... They are tightening up the ship a bit. I prefer the way President Mcdonald was, in the way he runs things but i guess i will have to learn to go with the latter way as well.

I hope that you guys are reading your scriptures every day. And praying every morning and night. If you are not... Its gonna be that much harder for you to feel the spirit every day. Which can help you make decisions every day that can help you be happier. I have now started to try and stop everything in my life that would stop me from feeling the spirit as strongly as i can every day. I love it, it feels super good to have that burning feeling.

I am getting used to putting my contacts in now, its still a little hard because my eyes are teeny tiny.. thanks for those genetics mom. But instead of 15 minutes it used to take me to put them in, it only takes me about 3 minutes.. So theirs progress! I am currently reading the New Testament and Book of Mormon at the same time.. In the NT i am almost done with St. Luke, and with the BOM i am on Mosiah Chapter 2 one of my favorite parts!! I really like the book of Enos. But 2 Nephi 26-33 are still my favorite so far.

Well... i love you guys and i pray for your success and safety. Now just go out there and be somebody!

           Elder "Alma" Ballif