Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Set a Baptismal Date

Hey my family,

I enjoyed your emails and i am really glad to hear that no one is talking bad about me. I had to pay a lot of money in order for that to happen. ;) I like that you guys got to witness some Mcdonaldness. I know that one of the reasons i was sent to this mission in particular was because God needed me to be influenced by them, they are awesome people and i have come to love them for sure!

That is cool that you saw Elder Bruton, he was a very good missionary, he definitely magnified his calling in all things. And he was with me not long ago at all.... I just hope he didn't tell you how much weight i have gained.. lets just say i need to go running when i get home for a while. I am only 215 but i definitely would like to be more toned. I need to get a wife!

Anyways, thank you for getting those letters to those that i wrote to. And it is fine that you read them.. I actually thought you would. But anyways, my baby and I are doing pretty good. I started Meditating this last week, which really helps me focus and concentrate and even it calms me when i get angry. So i don't care what people think of that.. of course i had to shave my head bald and i wear a robe now, but its worth it :) 

Well, not much has changed.. we are still trying to help some people quit smoking and we actually set a baptismal date with a guy named Ed. So that is exciting.

Well i will probably email you guys a bigger email next week. But you have a fantastic time without me!

love, Elder Ballif