Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Initial week of Training Going Well

Hey Fam, i don't got much time this week,

but just an update.. Training is going good. I am enjoying it.. its a little weird that i have to do everything.. but its not the first time i have felt this. I give my new companion more breaks than i usually would take but i am going easy on him for the first week--this week is going to suck for him. Plus my allergies were owning me this last week--that is also why we took more breaks.

We have some good stuff going on so i am pretty excited for him.

If you guys could i would like you guys to send me a book called "The Day of Defense" from Melvin Mcdonald.. that would be spectacular.. its so weird how much i like reading now.. i love it! People are making the mistake of calling me a pretty intellectual person. Please send that for me, and the contacts aren't my prescription but they work alright so i guess its all good.

i love you guys,

Elder Ballif