Monday, June 6, 2011

Hoorahhhh for Israel!

Hoorahhhh for Israel!!! (punch in the air)

Hey People, i hope you had a fantastic week..

my week went by really fast but we didn't do as much as we thought we did. We had like 7 lessons fall through! It was very frustrating... Satan is owning our investigators because they are not praying for protection.. or maybe they just aren't praying at all. But we are working on it.

I am feeling the spirit a lot more now and i love it. One thing that does suck is i took the Christlike attributes quiz and my patience needs some repairs. I am not very patient at times with other people.. and myself with wanting to change. I just don't like that i have the strong desires and i have to hold off on them.

I am going to be having my baby in like 8 days from now! Its crazy, i hope he likes sports.. because i play ball very ferociously :)  I am getting a lot better at Basketball and enjoy expanding my Gospel Knowledge.. those are like my favorite things.. besides movies. But oh well.. some movies are a waste of time. I never thought i would think that..

there isn't anything new to tell you guys, i am feeling a little better in terms of frustration and my heart is becoming more and more soft. ITs the bomb!!!!

i love you guys dearly,

Your Son, Brother, Uncle, and Lurp.

~Elder Ballif~