Monday, May 30, 2011

The Work Goes On

Hey Fam,

Our week went pretty good, we found 3 possible new investigators and we taught our normal investigators and a few of them came to church!!!!!! i was very happy. But as i have been gaining a powerful testimony of truth. I must admit i feel as though i suffer when others are ignorant and not willing to learn at all. It just makes me very frustrated with Satan and his influence. He has all of these people fooled and not even willing to feel the true spirit of God. He fools them into thinking that they are right and everyone else is wrong...when we have the real authority from God--very frustrating sometimes. But i know that i am clear in my message and they are just getting PWNED by Satan (for those who may not understand this urban slang term--it means:to conquer or to gain ownerniship over someone else), but when people are willing to listen it goes very well. I just need to pray and ask for patience with these people.

I have felt the spirit in my work and i am happy i am am being blessed with the Lord's spirit. Heavenly Father definitely leads my comp and I to people.. and he uses wasting time by talking to weenys to lead us to sincere peeps.

Make sure you guys are reading every night and praying as a fam and individually! or i will make you guys suffer when i get home. Ryan needs to be prepared more then i was. I got owned for a long time... but Ry Ry has a chance to Pwn Satan.. he should take that opportunity. he needs to do it for me... i dislike Satan and his followers... and whoever can own him--the happier i am.

i love you guys and hope you have a wonderful time in the promised land.

your son!
 -Elder Austin Jeffery Ballif-