Monday, April 18, 2011

Get to Teach a football player from the Indianapolis Colts

Despite the fact i hate emailing, and I hate sharing my feelings for all to see. I decided that i will out of the sheer love that i have for Momma Bear. And that fact that it "makes her day"...

Anyways my week has been pretty good, i got alot out of church yesterday and I got news that i get to teach Al Afalava # 23 on the Indianapolis Colts once a week because his wife came up to us and asked if we could come over weekly to teach him.. so i am excited for that. (he needs good influences in his life other then Peyton Manning and Austin Collie)

make Ryan watch the little mermaid part where they are in the boat with the lobster and he starts singing.( kiss the girl) Only if he wants to risk getting mono??

We have some free time today so we decided to come to the library so i could email and look at things on wikipedia about other churches. (for doctrine curiosity)

My last couple of weeks has been pretty good. I met some cool people and i also learned some cool things throughout the week. For instance i learned that the Arabs invented the base 10 number system. which took over the use of Roman numerals because it's ability to use high numbers and negative numbers. Anyways, now i can participate on "Are you smarter then a fifth grader".

I met a girl named Casey yesterday and she showed me a minute of undercover brother to show my companion his resemblance to Chris Kattan, and she was making fun of herself because she is a Ginger. And fact that ginger kids have a strand of DNA that is messed up and that is why Gingers usually have no souls. (south park reference) ...but thats neither here nor there.

I just started Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage. It has a lot of words that even i will need a dictionary for.

My companionship is now down to 2 people me and Elder Russon, my homie G. We are a pretty good companionship and our traits and abilities compliment each other pretty nicely; for example he is a more passive person and i am more of a blunt aggressive person so in lessons we do "Good missionary, Bad missionary" and its got a good track record so far. I've only had to push around a few people. My favorite thing to do is basketball now.. but i only get to play once a week. But a few people asked me if i played in college last Monday. That was after i got some ice for their ankles when i broke them. :)

Well, i don't have too much else to say so i will just say i love you guys, and i miss you all very dearly, And don't send me a birthday cake or i'll "throw it on the ground!"

love yall,
Elder Ballif