Thursday, April 28, 2011

Got to go to the Temple

Hey guys, sorry i am a little late, my p-day was kind of screwed up. So since we are preparing for lunch i thought it would be appropriate to email the family, Thank you for your love and support and your prayers. I can feel some of the weight of my shoulders taken off just knowing that you guys pray for me and that God really is blessing me and you guys (since i do the same for all of you). But just kind of an update, We are seeing the Afalava's tonight and we are going to be teaching them about the temple and how they need to go there because their kids are too cute to not have that blessing of being sealed. And since i had the opportunity to go there on Tuesday, i think i will be able to teach them pretty well. I am getting happier and happier with our area. There are still alot of dope fiends everywhere and alot of them say we don't believe in Christ.. but when they say that i own them with my knowledge. But they are all too stubborn to believe me.

The Old man that i was teaching Boyd, is actually not even an old man.... which i still think someone is pranking me. He is only 55 years old.. but he looks like he is 75. So i guess smoking makes you look way older! So for all those who think smoking is cool and makes you look older.. its true it does... but just not in a good way!!

My mission president is sending an ex zone leader to be my companion for 1 transfer. Then depending on how well i do with him, i will be having a baby the next transfer. (training a new missionary)

So that is exciting, we have some progressing investigators and we are teaching a pretty good number of people so i am excited for the near future. but now i gotta step up and join the big leagues. Kind of stressful, but i will manage. just make sure you guys pray that i will have inspiration and stamina because i hear that this guy i am getting doesn't stop moving till 9 at night.. which i am a good missionary and i go at a pretty good pace but nothing like i hear this kid is like.. i will need all the help i can get.

Oh well.. i love you guys, and i hope you have a fantastic week. And as for Ryan, just read a page of Preach my Gospel EVERY night with him and he needs to make sure he is reading a chapter from the book of mormon everyday and he is praying at least every night, preferably every morning too. If he does those things, the rest will come pretty easy. well i love you guys and i am thankful the lord blessed me by placing me into your family. Although i have many flaws, when i don't think of them i do well.

have a good week!


Elder Ballif