Monday, November 28, 2011

Doing Well and Getting a New Companion from Kaysville

Hey Family, I am sorry that I haven't emailed you in 2 weeks. I just didn't have a place to do it. But I talked to the AP's and the Zone Leaders and they are helping us out with finding a more permanent solution. So no I am not mad at any of you or anything like that. I just have been stranded without a computer and Internet.

I miss you guys so very much.. the holidays are definitely are harder time for me because this is the time that was most enjoyable to me back home... not that it wasn't enjoyable when it wasn't the holidays.

Well, my companion is going home in a few days and I will be getting Elder Gibson. He went to high school with me and was on my rugby team. I am pretty excited to be with him, since I have been pretty frustrated this transfer. And I feel like I can have some new beginnings and maybe I won't grow so many grey hairs this time around. I am excited for this package I am hearing about. It sounds very wondrous and magical. I am no longer a "Co" district leader and I am just thee district leader now. Which I am thankful for because when I was partners it was hard to know what to teach and correlate what to do in district meetings and also sending in numbers and going to correlation with the Zone Leaders and all that fancy jazz. So it will not be as complicated for me and I like that. But I will also have to do a lot more stuff.. which will be interesting. I am excited for the challenge though.

I want to thank you for the support you all have given me and that I love you very much and I care about you all more then my love for Jessica Biel. Which is hard to beat. Even though I heard she got back with JT again...... :(

I love you guys, you will hear a lot from me next week.

Elder Ballif