Thursday, November 3, 2011

Getting Better

Hey family, sorry that I am late writing to you guys. This area is very hard to get to a place to email. I apologize.

But my time here has been getting better and I am working through it. I have started reading a lot lately. I read the entire book "History of Joseph Smith" by Lucy Mack Smith, that was a good book. I really liked her account of Joseph being his mother and she knew him better then pretty much anyone else... give or take a few.

I really liked the pictures of the munchkins. They looked really funny. I quite enjoyed Cameron and Carsen's costumes with the ever so popular look for Cameron (just a different color and with wings) and Carsens very unique "Thomas". Very enjoyable!

My Halloween was pretty boring, we had to come into our apartment at 7pm.. which was not something I would have chosen. But at least it gave me a chance to finish the book. I am currently in the Book of Mormon chapter 14 of 3rd Nephi which I am highlighting pretty much everything. So I am doing pretty well.

Thank you for putting some money into my account Father. I actually need a little bit more then that though... if you could put like another 50.00 that would be wonderful. I need some money to get some things I need like a few sweaters among other needs I need.

I love you guys so much and I cannot wait till I get home and see you lovely people.

-Elder Ballif-