Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Getting Started in Redmond

Hey family, I hope you guys are doing a little better.

My first week in Redmond has been tough. The elders that left the area to us didn't have much going on so it has been a struggle to get anything worthwhile done. But we have focused on getting to know the ward leaders and seeing all of the former investigators to see if they would like to be taught at all. But I am sure this week we will see some good stuff now that I have had my first P-day. Which was really fun... We went into Bend and played football, soccer and volleyball at a members indoor sport arena so that was fun. And now we will just be hanging out and shooting hoops till we have to get home and shower and head to dinner.

I am glad to hear that the funeral went well. I will sure miss Grandpa, he was a very sweet man and I love him very much. But I know the Lord needed him for something, for the laborers are fewer across the veil then here. And it won't be too long until we shall be reunited.

I was wondering if I could get some money put into my account.. It is really cold here.. very similar to Utah but more wind. And I would like to get a few things like maybe a sweater or two and something to support my back. That would be much appreciated.

But as far as Redmond goes.. it is my favorite area so far. There are many awesome members here and it just seems a lot more organized then some other areas I have been in. The only thing that I wish was better was the work.. But I know that will pick up soon.

Anyways I love you guys and I will see you sooner then later.

Love, Elder Ballif