Monday, February 20, 2012

Thoughts on Grandpa Ballif and Transfer to Redmond

Hey Family, I hope you guys are doing alright...

I received the call yesterday that let me know that grandpa passed on to the world of spirits. As soon as I heard that I was in shock for a little while. I started thinking about the fact that when I got home I would not be able to see him for a long time. But I find comfort in knowing he is with grandma still, I know he is comforting her. And he will be anxiously waiting for her to return to him after her mission is done. I loved grandpa very much and it is sure sad that he won't be here with us but I do know that death for a worthy saint is very much a blessing. And I do know that grandpa was a great man as are his wife and children great. He has raised a great family. And he was a very good example for me and I hope I can be as good as him when I am older. I feel as though he will be resurrected a lot sooner then later in the 1st resurrection and I will get to meet the youthful Don. I love you guys and I know that angels can comfort you if you let them. I have been praying for you all and myself that I can remember that he is watching me and that I can make him proud.

I will be going to Redmond 1st ward with Elder Stokes. Elder Stokes was a zone leader prior to this and him and I are going to be whitewashing.. (which means we will both be new in the ward) I am excited for the change to get out of all the sopping rain.. And our mission president promised me that we would see baptisms if I was obedient so I shall be. I have been reading Preach my Gospel a lot lately so I can get better at teaching and finding. It really is a good book to help you learn what we are supposed to do out here. Ryan would do well to really study that book like he would his homework. I know Ryan is a lot smarter then I so he would learn a lot faster than I have. He just needs to realize that it is important as well as the Book of Mormon. VERY IMPORTANT STUFF. A mission is a wonderful experience, and I am really excited for Ryan to have a chance to serve. It will help him grow into a MAN. Mentally, Spiritually, and Emotionally. If you wanna be physically manly you have to exercise with me.

I love you guys very much and I will be excited to tell you about Redmond when I get there.. my address shall be 707 sw. black butte blvd #10 Redmond 97756   so you can send me all the mail that you want... (because it is sooooo much!) ;)

I love you guys and I will be praying for you all. Seek the Holy Ghost in your lives. It is the best feeling I have ever had.

love always,

Elder Ballif