Monday, March 5, 2012

Fasting and Prayer --> Blessings

Hey Family, I'm glad that everyone is doing pretty good.

My week was a trial of faith.. but the Lord blessed Elder Stokes and I yesterday. I was fasting for an elect investigator and within ten minutes of the end of our fast, we tracted into one and got a call from our bishop for another. Needless to say, our fast was a great success. I love the Lord and I love the blessings he gives to those that keep his commandments. I, like Nephi glory in truth and I love when we have faith to accomplish something and are diligent the Lord doesn't disappoint.

I am a really big fan of our area and the people in this place. It is more conservative and the temperature and climate is similar to Kaysville. I have been reading a lot of the Book of Mormon and I love every time I read it. It is so good! as is the New Testament. But so many people don't understand the Bible.. so most people are not wanting to learn more because they don't understand very much. They just think the Book of Mormon is our version of the Bible most the time. I just want to cry... and many of them don't listen because we are two young men and think we don't understand anything. Which is bologna...

We are planning on going to Bend today and there is a Nike Outlet store there that everyone wants to go to and I was hoping I might get a little more $$$ for that adventure due to the "no sales tax". And I am also planning on sending home a box or two of stuff that I would like to be home so I can get on the plane with no hassle of excess weight.

Anyways.. to answer some questions, I love the members of our ward.. they are awesome. We have been fed every night we have been here. We tract 12 hours a week and we have a full car covering one ward. the Redmond 1st ward.

I love you all, and just so John knows I will be sending a card to him but it will be late because I am only supposed to write on P-day. So I will send it off today.

I love you all and CAN'T wait to see you pretty soon.

until then.... <3 YOU.

Elder Ballif