Monday, March 26, 2012

Line of Priesthood Authority and more New Investigators

Hey Family, I hope all is well and that you all are having fun back in Utah.

Just to let you know last week I asked my mission president for official permission to leave in July and he said that would be fine. So it is totally official but the specific date is still unknown to me. I am going to say that I will be home at the latest the 12th of July but I am pretty unsure about that.

I am grateful for the LINE OF AUTHORITY that papa sent for me. I have been curious to know my specific line ever since it was brought up by the apostle L. Tom Perry last year when he came and spoke to the mission in Eugene. I was glad to receive it on account of the fact that Authority is such a huge deal to me because of the 15,000 different christian denominations out there.. who believe that the whole Bible applies to them.. when only a small part does. Because they haven't received the proper ordinances of salvation without the Authority of God. Which "no man taketh this honor unto himself except he be called by God, as was Aaron." (hebrews 5:4), which is shown to us that in Exodus 28:1 it shows that Aaron was ordained by Moses. Which Moses was directly called of God. I just wish there was an easy way to explain these things to others.

Anyways, Elder Stokes and I have seen some cool miracles this week. We found 3 solid new investigators and we also had a really awesome experience with one of our investigator couples that we have been teaching. Long story short we introduced Larry and Cheryl to their best friends in the pre-mortal life. And they have the best fellowshipping family in the UNIVERSE now. So we will be watching a session of Conference with them and they will be coming to stake conference the following week. We also found an awesome black guy yesterday named Richard. he is the Bees Knees. He read the Bible in prison and now he is trying to make his life right. I really like him. He reminds me of a shorter, older, Kobe Bryant... so sufficeth to say I am pretty excited to start teaching him.

We have transfer calls this weekend and we have been feeling as though Elder Stokes might be getting transferred and I will be getting the greatest companion I will have in my life besides my wife... the spirit works in mysterious ways I tell ya.

I love you all and I pray for yall to have a fantastic week!

See you in July!!

Elder AJ Ballif