Monday, March 19, 2012

We are Finding More People to Teach

Hey Family! I am sorry that I never got around to emailing much or at least sending a letter home.. we had a busy week. And we were running late last Monday so I didn't have time to write you guys a nice juicy

But I have more time today so just be happy! :)

Elder Stokes and I had a really good week this week finding 5 new investigators to teach. We are excited because we have been trying to find people to teach this whole transfer and I finally think that we can start teaching more so than finding.. because finding is good and all but I am a teacher. That is what I have worked on the most and I am just better at teaching when I am sitting down--and not on the doorstep.

We have very good potential in this area and I feel like I might end my mission here. Which is exciting because I will hopefully get to see many of the people I have found "do the dip". :)
(missionary rap song)

So to allow you guys to do a countdown for when I will be returning and along with that make me trunky.. I believe I will be probably coming home July 12th. I am not totally sure yet but I will ask my Mission President this week in my email to him.  I am working hard and I am and have been growing alot as a person.

Anyways to answer some questions about transfers by Jennifer's request: Transfers are every 6 weeks and they are usually on monday, tuesday and wednesday of the 6th week. the next transfer date will be April 2-4th, then May 14-16th, then June 25-27th. And then I will be home 2-3 weeks after that.

Anyways... I want to know any good movies and music I have missed. Because I feel like I have. So maybe make a list for me for when I get home. So I can get a few easy-er dates. I'll have an easier excuse for asking...? whatever..

I love you guys and I can't wait to see you guys..

I am happy that Cameron is ok about losing his teeth... just don't let dad pull them. He is a monster. And Cameron and Carsen are definitely my best friends still. They are the coolest. And I have a feeling Ellie and I will be best friends too. Then we will be the Wolfpack. The 4 best friends that anyone could ever have. (I hope no one understands the reference or you need to repent)

Have a great week!

Love you all.

Elder AJ Ballif