Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Part Member Family

Hey, sorry that I could not reply to you earlier. Our Zone Leaders planned this all day event in Bend on Monday and it made it so we had hardly any time to do preparation or relaxing. I was joking about the whole 15th thing, I would be totally fine having it be on that day and definitely not on the 8th. Hopefully that doesn't screw up anything too badly that I am a little late with my message.

And, that would be fine to have a sleepover the night I get back with the boyos. I just hope that you guys have cleared time with the Stake President on the evening of the 5th to release me. That would not be fun to be home and not be able to do anything fun.

I am really excited that I will be back in a few weeks! Elder Mcmakin and I are having fun and working hard. We found a new part member family that just got married by our bishop and they are my age and they are pretty awesome. Ethan and Taylor. And Larry and Cheryl are still away in Salem with their Mother. We will try and call and see how they are doing this evening or tomorrow. Everything is going pretty well and we are excited for the ward.

I got Cameron's letter and to answer him I would love to have AT LEAST 5 sleepovers with you and Carsen. I am glad you love and think I am your best friend. I feel the same way. I love you buddy and I will see you soon!

The only thing I am curious about is the amount of money I will need to send stuff home early which I plan on doing on Saturday. I know I am going to need more money but I was just thinking what the best deal would be. I think I could just send everything in an empty bike box and I believe that costs about 45 dollars for a bike box sized package.. I will check into it but I think just to be save if you could put like 100 dollars in my account and whatever it doesn't take, you will be refunded.

Anyways I love you all and will see you in the same amount of days as the jersey number for META WORLD PEACE!

<3 Elder Ballif <3