Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Power of Faith

Hey Family, I just want each of you to know that I love you very much and miss you very deeply and pray for you daily. I have been thinking about how I got to see you on Christmas and how great it was to see all of your faces and talk to each of you. Being out here has definitely made me know how great of a family we have and the many blessings that we have individually and collectively in this life. I was talking with some members of my ward this week and they told me they read in a talk given by a general authority of the church and he said that alot of the blessings in our lives, such as great families and opportunities have been given to us because of what we have done in the Pre-Mortal world. And because we have been blessed individually and as a family from God so much! I know that we were great then, and have the potential to be great in this life as well. Each of us, have the potential to be great. Now, I am not talking about material things. But God does bless us with all the material blessings that we will need if we do what he asks of us. And it really is not that hard to do. I have definitely seen God help me again and again out here. And I know that he wants to help us if we will strive to obey his commandments. 

I have learned lately about the power of Faith, and that it really is power. Lately I have been trying to focus on Faith because I have been tracting a lot lately and it is a hard thing to do when no one is open to even listening to what we have to say. But the same thing was happening to Jesus Christ when he came. Many called him a fool, or said he was doing all the wonderful things that he did with the power of satan. Just as people say that I am a servant of the devil and that I preach a different Gospel. I do not, I preach repentance from the false traditions of men and that there is a straight and narrow path that they much enter in to return to God after this life. That is the same thing that Christ did, I have pondered that many times in my mind about the church that he set up when he was here and the church that has been restored because of disbelief and corrupt teachings that came into the world. It is the same pattern, Jesus gathered the elect to him and that is also what I am doing. And that is by Faith, the only way you can truly know that God is real. The only way you can know that the Bible is a true record. The only way you can know if there is life after death. This life is the time for all of us to learn to use the POWER of Faith. 

I love chapter 32 in the book of Alma because it describes faith wonderfully and how we can grow it likened unto a seed in the ground. I love my Father in Heaven for giving us the holy scriptures and restoring his Only Begotten's church to the earth. I love Christ, for I know that he truly came and atoned for each of us so we can become great like him. So that we can all learn from our own mistakes and try and ponder to ourselves "what can I do to or change to become more like Christ". I have made that a habit of asking myself this question on each Sunday. I have been happy when I have done this and as I have prayed and read the scriptures and tried to be as righteous as possible. And as I am trying to live my life for the sake of others and try to be selfless I know that is how I have grown the most in my life. 

I just wanted to let you know that I love you all and I can't wait till I can see you each again. I know that God is real, and I know that Christ was sent here to teach us our potential. This life is time to become great, and following Christs example as best we can is the way. Elder Gibson and I are doing very well and unfortunately he is being transferred this week and I am getting a new companion named Elder Goodfellow, my mission president called me and asked me to help Elder Goodfellow because he has been struggling like I was. And he asked me to help him and to motivate him in this work, I know that it won't be me that does this work but that it will be God. And I am grateful that God thinks that I can do this for him and that I can be an instrument in his hands. I have also been told that I will no longer be the District Leader here so that I can focus on my area and my companion. We have been seeing great miracles this transfer and the work has picked up very much. We have much potential and I feel that the Lord has prepared people for us to be baptized soon. You guys are great and I am grateful that I can call you my family. I tell you that I know that we can accomplish anything we need to do if we ask the Lord in prayer and have Faith that is will happen if we are doing our part and keeping the commandments of the Lord. Let us all hearken to the voice of the prophets and of the Lord and become Great. That is my wish, for all of us.

have a great week, each of you shall be in my prayers. P.s: Heathers Birthday card might be a day or two late.. transfers has made me a little busy but I hope she enjoys my words of love to her. 


Elder Ballif