Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Package and a GPS to help with the work

Hey Dad,
I got the package. I loved it. we had a good time together.
i already watched those movies that you sent.
I feel like Lehi was somewhat of an Insense trader.. they followed the reverse insense trade route getting out of Jerusalem.. (of course speculation) but the land bountiful that Nephi built the boat is said to be in the Green dot in the middle east in the south east of the peninsula. and the other movie was cool too.. MesoAmerica is the canadiate for the ancient inhabitants. i liked the one that you guys watched better but the only thing that it didn't have in it that the other one did was Truman G. Madsen. who i really admire. He is very knowledgable. 
I enjoyed the CDs and all the random disney songs.. i need my Hercules.. and my Mulan reflections and my phil collins tarzan.. i was hoping for some of that. but i did like the other stuff and i am so glad she put my Florence + the Machine song on there. i love that song. I also catch myself singing Beauty and the Beast theme while i am in the shower..? which i love that movie. i love Belle. I love Gaston. its great. 
Oh well.. i have been discouraged from reading as much lately. i was just busy with moving and a bunch of stuff. I am in Matthew 25 now and instead of reading matthews 24 i read JST Matthew.. which i really enjoyed because the 2nd Coming really interests me. And i watched the Christmas Devotional last night and Elder Utchtdorf (forgive me if i spell wrong) my favorite apostle, talked about his coming and how we need to be ready for it and he will come when it is least expected. is at least what the bible indicates. i could go for a while talking about it but i got other people to write and i gotta spread the love.
i got the letter from Bishop Balmer and can you just tell him thank you for me, that was cool that he actually wrote me a personal letter and most missionaries i know get a generic letter every month or so and so i was impressed that he would write a personal one and tell him it helped me out and i really enjoyed it and respect him for what his mission was like.
We aren't teaching the investigator with the birds anymore.. we found out that they live on our wards boundaries and if they would have lived on the other side of the street we would still teach them.. and even though we have been teaching them for like 5 weeks they had us give them up to the other ward. WHICH MAKES ME ANGRY :( 
i would like a Gps, and i found one at best buy.. for a great deal so i think i will just buy it here because we don't have tax here! so that is exciting.. and it has lifetime maps and traffic which i want.
anyways enough of this.. i love you and i miss you dearly but i gotta write others.

i will remember to call you guys around 3:15pm december 25th.
i love ya,
Elder Ballif