Monday, December 13, 2010

Under the Weather

Hey, i had a pretty...... Ehhh week -- i am sick and so was one of my companions so we just kind of sat around and survived. i did read almost all of mark, and i started reading some of the Book of Mormon with reading the bible. that is about all i did that was productive to me..

hey, about my companions, my cool companion is getting transferred this week on Thursday. Not sure whether the other Elder in our trio will stay or not??

My GPS is working great.. i love it.. lifetime maps and lifetime traffic for a pretty dang good price is worth it. well..

I don't want any pretzel rods i am starting to gain weight again since everyone feeds us a big meal and then dessert so i think i am good on the sweets.. 
i don't got much to say.. but
i know that God loves us and that he restored his Gospel to the earth and if we keep his commandments and love one another as jesus did, we will recieve Eternal life in return. I love you guys and i miss you guys alot.
Have a great week.
your son.