Monday, July 2, 2012

Last Entry

Hey my lovely family,

It is weird to think that in 3 days I will see you again. It almost feels like a lifetime ago since I have been with you and I feel like I have changed quite a bit. I am very very very Excited to see you and be able to start my Adult life. This past week has been very fun for me being on the Campus of the U of O. Meeting and teaching people my own age. I think God is preparing me for dating and being able to talk to girls and not be totally awkward. But I think it is safe to say that I will still probably be awkward due to the fact that it is part of my sense of humor. I am very excited to catch up with our family and everything.

I have often reflected on my mission and who I was before in 2010. Back before I believed that God and Jesus Christ were real and I felt that the Church was just a good way of regulating the Population to be "Textbook Citizens" and it was nothing else. All I can think about is how much better I feel and how much more peace I feel believing these things and having direction in my life. I have learned that it takes effort to achieve the things you want to happen and you can't just have the desire. I have learned many things from my mission, too many to write without boring you severely. But I am just grateful for the "push" to get me out here and all the support you all have given me. I have enjoyed the experience that I have gained out here. I feel your prayers and your love daily and I just might cry when I see you... we will see.

But we will all have to just suffer for another 3 days and just be soldiers till then.

I love you so much and am HIGHLY ANTICIPATING 7:33pm 3 days from now. May it go by quickly for you.... (and for me too..) 

<3 Elder Ballif <3